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OVirt 3.3 release-management



These are tentative planning dates and may change

  • General availability: 2013-09-04
    • Beta release: 2013-07-18
    • Feature freeze: 2013-07-17
    • oVirt 3.3 Test Day: 2013-07-24
    • RC Build: 2013-08-14

Tracker Bug

Release Criteria

Tracker bug: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/918494


  • All sources must be available on ovirt.org


  • MUST: No blockers on the lower level components - libvirt, lvm,device-mapper,qemu-kvm, Jboss, postgres, iscsi-initiator
    • Current blocker list:
    • ...
  • MUST: All image related operations work - copy, move, import, export, snapshot (vm and template)
  • MUST: Ovirt/host installation should work flawlessly (w/o SSL)
  • MUST: Fully operational flow (define DC hierarchy so you can run vm) with GUI/CLI/Python-API/REST-API
  • MUST: vm life-cycle is working flawlessly (start,suspend,resume,stop,migrate)
  • MUST: Upgrade from previous release
  • MUST: ovirt-node full cycle (register, approve and running VM)
  • MUST: No known data corruptors
    • Current list of data corruptors:
    • ...
  • MUST: Can define NFS, iSCSI, FC and local based storage domains
  • MUST: Can define VLAN based networks, bond interfaces, and have VLANs over bonded interfaces
  • MUST: Can authenticate users against at least one external LDAP server
  • MUST: Can run multiple VMs
  • MUST: Can connect to VMs using SPICE
  • MUST: VM watchdog support
  • MUST: Predictable host timeouts for HA fencing
  • MUST: MoM integration- KSM verification
  • MUST: Have Release Notes with feature specific information
  • MUST: Have updated quick start guide available
  • MUST: No regressions from 3.1 Release
  • MUST: Have release announcement for front page of ovirt.org and for mailing lists


  • SHOULD: Can run full cycle with gluster storage
  • SHOULD: have updated installation guide available
  • SHOULD: Scheduling API.
  • SHOULD: MoM integration- ballooning.
  • SHOULD: Alerts when balloon not supported by guest
  • SHOULD: (scheduling API first) VM affinity
  • SHOULD: (scheduling API first) VM not getting minimum guaranteed memory

Features Status Table

Functional team Feature Release priority Owner Status Target date Test page Remarks
Virt RAM Snapshots  ? Arik Hadas Green June 25th http://www.ovirt.org/Features/RAM_Snapshots#Testing Merged
Virt noVNC console  ? Frantisek Kobzik Green  ? http://www.ovirt.org/Features/noVNC_console#Testing
Virt Non Plugin RDP Invocation  ? Frantisek Kobzik Green  ? http://www.ovirt.org/Features/Non_plugin_console_invocation#RDP
Virt Instance Types - VM Dialog Redesing  ? Tomas Jelinek

Omer Frenkel

Green Jun 25th http://www.ovirt.org/Features/Instance_Types#Testing will be there partially - only redesigned Edit VM dialog and typeahead listboxes
Virt OS Info  ? Roy Golan Green Jun 23rd http://wiki.ovirt.org/OS_info#Testing
Virt Redesigned Display Options dialog  ? Frantisek Kobzik Green  ?
Virt EmulatedMachine  ? Roy Golan Green June 27th http://www.ovirt.org/Cluster_emulation_modes#Testing automatically use the right emulated machine type for QEMU. On review
Virt SPICE HTML5 client integration  ? Frantisek Kobzik Green June 25th http://www.ovirt.org/Features/SpiceHTML5#Testing
Virt GlusterFS Storage Domain Must Deepak C Shetty (vdsm) & Sharad Mishra (engine) Green http://www.ovirt.org/Features/GlusterFS_Storage_Domain#Testing
Virt Cloud-Init Integration  ? Greg Padgett

Omer Frenkel

Green Jul 25 http://www.ovirt.org/Features/Cloud-Init_Integration#Testing Only available with UI, no REST implementation yet.
Infra Device Custom Properties must Martin Perina - infra

Assaf Muller - network

Green 2013-06-03  ? This feature is spread over infra network and storage. The infra aspect is covered by Martin, the network part is covered by Assaf and the storage part is not covered ATM. Infra and Networks parts are done.
Infra Async task manager changes should Yair Zaslavsky Green - Merged 2013-07-03 http://www.ovirt.org/Features/AsyncTaskManagerChanges_3.3#Testing
Infra ExternalTasks Must Eli Mesika Green 2013-07-14 Features/ExternalTasks#Testing Merged
Infra Supervdsm service Should Yaniv Bronhaim Green 2013-06-03 http://www.ovirt.org/Features/Supervdsm_service Submitted upstream, missing backport to rhev
Infra SSH Soft Fencing Should Martin Perina Green 2013-07-02 http://www.ovirt.org/Automatic_Fencing#Testing Merged
Infra Java SDK Must Michael Pasternak Green - Merged http://www.ovirt.org/Features/Java_SDK_3.3#Testing Merged
Infra SSH Abilities Should Yaniv Bronhaim Green 2013-07-17 http://www.ovirt.org/Features/Ssh_Abilities#Testing Merged
Networking Normalized ovirtmgmt Initialization Must Moti Asayag Green 2013-06-03 Features/Normalized_ovirtmgmt_Initialization#Testing
Networking Migration Network Must Alona Kaplan Green Now Features/Migration_Network#Testing
Networking Quantum Integration Must Michael Kolesnik Green 2013-06-16 Features/Quantum_Integration#Testing  ?
Networking NetworkReloaded Optional - see comment Antoni Segura Puimedon Orange - In progress, partially merged  ?  ? This feature is mostly about code refactoring and enabling a pluggable network configuration implementation. This feature should not hold back the release.
Networking Multiple Gateways Must Assaf Muller mostly done (though selinux kills dhcp support for multigw) 2013-06-09 Features/Multiple_Gateways#Testing
Storage Virtio-SCSI support Optional Daniel Erez Green  ? Features/Virtio-SCSI#Testing
Storage Read Only Disks Optional Vered Volansky Orange - In progress, not submitted  ?  ?
Storage Manage Storage Connections Must Alissa Bonas Orange - Work in Progress, partially merged 2013-06-30 Features/Manage_Storage_Connections#Testing
Storage Adding VDSM hooks for hotplugging/unplugging a disk Optional Vered Volansky Green
Storage Separating "Move" vm operation to "Copy" and "Delete" operations to improve VM availability Optional Liron Aravot Green Done
Storage Backup and Restore API for Independent Software Vendors Optional Deepak C Shetty (vdsm) & Sharad Mishra (engine) Red - Work in Progress  ?  ? Still in the early stages of development
Storage Allow resign/force re-election of SPM Optional Tal Nisan  ?  ?  ?
Storage Disks Block Alignment Optional Federico Simoncelli Orange - In progress VDSM patches merged, Engine/Webadmin in review
SLA oVirt scheduler Must Gilad Chaplik Green 15/7/2013
SLA Scheduling API Must Gilad Chaplik orange - in review  ?
SLA Network QoS Must Ofri Masad Green  ?
SLA Watchdog engine support Must lhornyak@redhat.com Test cases
SLA Trusted compute pools Must User:OMasad Trusted_compute_pools#Test_cases
Gluster Gluster Hooks Management Should Sahina Bose Green 17/06/2013 Gluster Hooks Management Testing
Node Universal Node Image Must mburns@redhat.com Green Now  ?
Node Node VDSM Plugin Must mburns Green 2013-05-31 Features/Node_vdsm_plugin#Testing
Integration Otopi Infra Migration Must Sandro Bonazzola Green 29/6/2013 Test cases
UX User Portal performance improvements for IE8 Must vszocs@redhat.com, awels@redhat.com Green Now N/A
UX Branding Support Should awels@redhat.com Green June 11, 2013 N/A

Feature Table Mapping

Release priority:

  • Must - feature absense will delay the release
  • Should - feature absense won't delay the release

Status mapping:

* Red  - Feature isn't in code base yet.
* Orange  -  Feature is in code base but not completed yet.
* Green  - Feature is in code base and ready for testing.

Target Date

date complete feature is merged in code base

Test Page

base description on how to test the new feature - should be relevant for test day


Features being considered for inclusion/already in master:





SLA & Scheduling



  • Universal Node Image make the ovirt-node image generic for use with non-oVirt Projects
  • Node VDSM Plugin extract all vdsm and oVirt Engine specific code from ovirt-node into a plugin
  • oVirt Node works on a different asynchronous release schedule from the rest of oVirt.
    • At the time of the oVirt 3.3 release, the current version of ovirt-node will be 3.0.0.
    • Feature for oVirt node 3.0.0 can be found on the oVirt Node 3.0.0 release page


  • (MUST) Features/Otopi_Infra_Migration A complete re-write of engine-setup, engine-cleanup, engine-upgrade and AIO plugin using otopi.
  • (SHOULD) Features/Self_Hosted_Engine The ability to run the Engine as a VM on the hosts that are managed by this Engine, in an HA configuration, when the Engine VM can start on any of the hosts.