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oVirt 3.4 Release Notes

The oVirt Project is pleased to announce the availability of its fifth formal release, oVirt 3.4.

oVirt is an open source alternative to VMware vSphere, and provides an excellent KVM management interface for multi-node virtualization.

To find out more about features which were added in previous oVirt releases, check out the oVirt 3.3 release notes, oVirt 3.2 release notes and oVirt 3.1 release notes. For a general overview of oVirt, read the oVirt 3.0 feature guide and the about oVirt page.


oVirt 3.4 Release Notes

Hosted Engine

  • oVirt 3.4 features hosted engine, which enables oVirt engine to be run as a virtual machine (VM) on the host it manages. Hosted engine solves the chicken-and-the egg problem for users: the basic challenge of deploying and running an oVirt engine inside a VM. This clustered solution enables users to configure multiple hosts to run the hosted engine, ensuring the engine still runs in the event of any one host failure.

Enhanced Gluster Support

Preview: PPC64

  • Engine Support for PPC64 will add PPC64 architecture awareness to the ovirt-engine code, which currently makes various assumptions based on the x86 architecture. When specifying virtual machine devices, for example, what is suitable for x86 architecture may not be for POWER (or may not be available yet).
  • VDSM Support for PPC64 introduces the capability of managing KVM on IBM POWER processors via oVirt. Administrators will be able to perform management functionalities such as adding or activating KVM, creating clusters of KVM and performing VM lifecycle management on any IBM POWER host.
    • Migration is still a work in progress for KVM on IBM POWER processor.

Preview: Hot-plug CPUs

oVirt 3.4 adds a preview of a Hot-plug CPU feature that enables administrators to ensure customer's service-level agreements are being met, the full utilization of spare hardware, and the capability to dynamically to scale vertically, down or up, a system's hardware according to application needs without restarting the virtual machine.

Other Enhancements


  • Guest Agents for openSUSE and Ubuntu provide ovirt-guest-agent packages for these Linux distributions.
  • SPICE Proxy lets the users define a proxy that will be used by SPICE client to connect to the guest. It is useful when the user (e.g., using user portal) is outside of the network where the hypervisors reside.
  • SSO Method Control enables users to switch between various SSO methods in the UI. The first version of the patch only allows switching between guest agent SSO (current approach) and disabling SSO.
  • Init Persistent allows persistent use of Windows Sysprep and Cloud-Init data to the Database. By persisting the data, administrators can create a template with VM-Init data that will enable initialize VMs with relevant data.
  • Guest Reboot enable users to restart VMs with single command.
  • Template Versioning enables adding new versions to existing templates, by either selecting a VM and using it to create a new version of a template or by editing a template, and when saving, selecting Save As Version.


  • oVirt Engine SNMP Traps extends events notifier capabilities and enables oVirt to generate SNMP traps out of system events to integrate oVirt with generic monitoring systems.
  • Authentication & Directory rewrites allow re-implementation of Authentication and Directory support within oVirt, which is currently based on Kerberos and "internal" user for authentication, and on LDAP and the database (for internal domains).


  • Network Labels provides the ability to label networks and to use that label on the host's interfaces, so the label abstracts the networks from the physical interface/bond (which can be labelled with one or more labels).
  • Predictable vNIC Order resolves the usual mess in MAC address and PCI address mapping when adding a virtual NIC to an oVirt guest by making in-guest order of NICs predictable, depending their visual order.
  • OpenStack Neutron integration will give users the ability to use various technologies that OpenStack Neutron provides for its networks, such as IPAM, L3 routing, and security groups, as well as the capability to use technologies not natively supported in oVirt for VM networks.
    • This feature still does not include migration for security groups, which will be added in an upcoming release during the 3.4 release cycle.
  • Adding iproute2 support, creating a network backend from iproute2 tools, following the internal API.
    • This feature is still partially implemented, and will be completed in an upcoming release during the 3.4 release cycle.
  • Multi-Host Network Configuration allows the administrator to modify a network (i.e., VLAN-id or MTU) that is already provisioned by the hosts and to apply the network changes to all of the hosts within the datacenter to which the network is assigned. The feature will be enabled for 3.1 datacenters and above, regardless of cluster level in order to avoid inconsistency between hosts network configuration in various clusters.

Planned Features: Networking

  • Host Network Quality of Service provides the means to control the traffic of a specific network through a host's physical interface. It is a natural extension of the VM Network QoS feature, which provided the same functionality for a VM network through a VM's virtual interface. This feature was planned for oVirt 3.4, but is postponed until oVirt 3.5.


  • Multiple Storage Domains enables a virtual machine to spread its disks across several storage domains within the same datacenter.
  • Read Only Disk for Engine gives Engine the read-only disk capability already found in VDSM.
  • Single-disk Snapshot enables the creation of a customized snapshot, allowing the user to select from which disks to take a snapshot.

SLA & Scheduling

UX Enhancements

  • UI Refresh Synchronization solves UI consistency issues related to the UI not being updated when certain actions/events happen by centralizing the refresh logic.
  • Lower Resolution Support repairs the issue of lower resolutions causing the tab bar and action menu wrap overlapping other UI elements by adding a scrollable tab bar for the tabs and a cascading menu bar for the action menu.

Install / Upgrade from Previous Versions

oVirt 3.4 is now available for use. In order to install it on a clean system, you need to install

     # yum localinstall http://resources.ovirt.org/pub/yum-repo/ovirt-release34.rpm

If you already have ovirt-release package you need to update it to 10.0.1 or newer by running

     # yum update ovirt-release

If the above command doesn't work for you, try using a distribution-specific name:


    # yum update ovirt-release-el6


    # yum update ovirt-release-fedora
  • Note: On CentOS and RHEL you'll need also EPEL repositories enabled.
  • Note: On CentOS and RHEL for DWH you'll need also jpackage 6 repositories enabled.
  • Note: On Fedora 19 you'll need to enable fedora-updates repository for having updated openstack packages (was in fedora-updates-testing until Jan 23th - you might want to run 'yum clean all').
  • Note: On Fedora 19, you'll need to enable fedora-virt-preview repository for using Fedora 19 as node on 3.4 clusters.

Once ovirt-release is updated, you will have the ovirt-3.4-stable repository enabled by default.

If you're updating from a pre release version and you want to have rollback support, you'll need to enable ovirt-3.4-prerelease repository.

For CentOS / RHEL:

    name=Latest oVirt 3.4 Pre Releases (Beta to Release Candidate)

For Fedora:

    name=Latest oVirt 3.4 Pre Releases (Beta to Release Candidate)

Fedora / CentOS / RHEL

If you're installing oVirt 3.4 on a clean host, you should read our Quick Start Guide.

If you're using pre-release repo you'll need to run:

    # yum update "ovirt-engine-setup*"
    # engine-setup

If you're upgrading from oVirt 3.3.2 or later you should just execute:

    # yum update ovirt-engine-setup
    # engine-setup

If you're upgrading from oVirt 3.3.0 or 3.3.1 you must first upgrade to a newer version of oVirt 3.3 (latest is 3.3.5)

If you're upgrading from oVirt 3.2, you should read oVirt 3.2 to 3.3 upgrade.

If you're upgrading from oVirt 3.1, you should upgrade to 3.2 before upgrading to 3.4. Please read oVirt 3.1 to 3.2 upgrade before starting the upgrade.

On CentOS and RHEL: For upgrading to 3.2, you'll need 3.2 stable repository. So, the first step is to disable 3.3 / stable repository and enable 3.2 in /etc/yum.repos.d/ovirt.repo:

    name=Stable builds of the oVirt 3.2 project


    # yum update ovirt-engine-setup

should install ovirt-engine-setup-3.2.3-1.el6.noarch.rpm. If you have already updated to 3.3.x, please use distro-sync or downgrade instead of update. Then:

    # engine-upgrade

this will upgrade your system to latest 3.2. Once you've all working on 3.2, enable 3.3/stable repository, then just

    # yum update ovirt-engine-setup
    # engine-setup

will upgrade to latest 3.3.

[Click to Show/Hide]Known Issues

  • EL >= 6.5 or cloud-init >= 0.7.2 are needed for cloud-init feature support (BZ 1029885)
  • All-in-one requires fedora-virt-preview repository
  • For using Fedora 19 as node on 3.4 clusters you need to enable fedora-virt-preview repository (BZ 1056918)
  • Node needs to be booted in permissive mode by appending enforcing=0 to the kernel command line.
  • Fedora 20 does not work as an engine (BZ 1060198)
  • engine-setup: upgrade from 3.3 overwrites exports with acl None (BZ 1058018)
  • Hosts with Fedora 19 might not be able to discover iscsi targets due to (BZ 1057761), it's recommended to update selinux and selinux-target packages to version 3.12.1-74.19
  • Host deployment may fail on EL6 system due to a recently tuned regression (BZ 1069119, BZ 1069245). Please downgrade tuned to previous version while waiting for a new tuned package to solve this issue.

[Click to Show/Hide]Bugs Fixed

oVirt Engine

BZ 818051 - [RFE] Webadmin's layout is broken when not enough display real-estate [main-tab clutter, sub-tab clutter, buttons-panel clutter]
BZ 828080 - [RFE] Please allow to search in a case-insensitive manner from the search bar
BZ 849427 - [engine-core] Activating an already active domain through REST fails with "domain inaccessible"
BZ 852003 - createVG failures are not logged in vdsm logs
BZ 856272 - [RFE] Adding Disk to a VM which is not down adds a Disk that is not activated
BZ 858166 - webadmin - centralized refreshing logic
BZ 864363 - ovirt-engine-webadmin-portal: New VM Pool button should be grayed out when there are no templates (except Blank template)
BZ 877906 - [UserPortal] User is not able to see newly added permissions on object if he inherited this permission on that object.
BZ 885592 - [RHS-C] SHD service status details are not displayed in "Services" tab in Cluster
BZ 886416 - VMs are not migrated properly when NFS storage is blocked on host
BZ 886478 - [RHS-C] Creating a Distributed Stripe volume using the default Stripe Count (4) actually creates only a Stripe volume
BZ 896139 - [RFE] collect the "created_by" field of a VM into it's configuration history
BZ 906313 - [oVirt-webadmin] [setupNetworks] "No valid Operation for <network_name> and Unassigned Logical Networks panel"
BZ 911348 - REST-API: Allow copy/move disk from disks collection
BZ 921666 - engine: DeactivateStorageDomainCommand fails with vdsm error: 'Operation not allowed while SPM is active' because we do not actually send SpmStop while there are unknown tasks
BZ 922520 - [event tab] better phrasing for actions done by unauthenticated users, currently appears as <UNKNOWN>
BZ 948653 - Change "Guide" link to Power User Portal Guide
BZ 953570 - [Admin Portal] sort roles in alphabetical order in Configure|Roles window
BZ 955661 - [vdsm] remove mapping fails after extend storage domain with force=True
BZ 956075 - Define meaningful Expires for static css|ico files
BZ 958813 - [RHS-C] No event messages are generated in UI when a brick goes from UP --> DOWN / DOWN --> UP
BZ 961677 - [RFE] ovirt-engine URI rework
BZ 965170 - webadmin: when unchecking the "collapse snapshot" tag in import dialogue it will change the disks allocation policy in the dialogue view to thinprovision no matter what the original disk is
BZ 965617 - Migrating VM vm_name to Host <UNKNOWN>
BZ 967546 - [RHEVM][webadmin] weird scroll-bar flickering on Host -> Network Interfaces sub-tab when refresh button is pressed
BZ 968961 - [User Portal] Displaying incorrect events after renaming VM
BZ 971022 - engine: LiveMigrateDisk: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException when vm is removed before the deleteImage step is cleared on wipe=true disk
BZ 972619 - [RHS-C] Detected server host3 removed from Cluster <UNKNOWN>, and removed it from engine DB.
BZ 973091 - [RHS-C] Binary hook contents are being displayed during Resolve Conflicts
BZ 973638 - [RHS-C] Remove all the RHEVM related events from "Manage Events"
BZ 974076 - [RFE] spice proxy support at cluster/vm-pool granularity
BZ 974837 - event names partially overlap in "manage events" dialog
BZ 975055 - [RHSC] Cluster Compatibility Version version should default to the latest version
BZ 975096 - engine: no alert for user that specific disks cannot be moved when we move multiple disks at once
BZ 975729 - [User Portal] Disable strict user checking - warning, confirmation and then error
BZ 976469 - Export and Import of a VM do not save the plugged/unplugged status of its disks
BZ 977304 - [restapi] Missing permissions link at /vmpools url
BZ 977524 - 'Remove' button on quota consumer should be enabled immediately, after click on user.
BZ 980750 - [RHSC] When a host is moved to Maintenance after being Non-operational, it is removed from the cluster, if another host in the cluster is UP.
BZ 980879 - osinfo file - deriving properties from NON-existing section causes 'General command validation failure.' in UI
BZ 982686 - engine [logger]: same exception is logged multiple times in engine log
BZ 983051 - [RHSC] Import cluster when one of the peers is unresolvable or unreachable from the engine, fails.
BZ 986171 - [RHSC] Remove hooks from a cluster, when all servers in the cluster are removed from engine.
BZ 987916 - [oVirt] [provider] Dialog doesn't update unless focus lost
BZ 989382 - RHS-C: No error message seen while starting "ovirt-engine-notifier" when "MAIL_SERVER" is NOT defined
BZ 989396 - [Admin Portal] Setting config value DefaultWindowsTimeZone has no effect
BZ 990429 - [RHEVM][UI][TEXT] Comment tooltip is not well adjusted to its text
BZ 992899 - [RHSC] Console allows addition of a host to a cluster, that has the same UUID as that of a host that is already present in the cluster
BZ 995238 - Change column header for clusters on which a policy is applied for usability
BZ 996563 - [Admin Portal] Deleted config of UI plugin is not reflected, data are kept until engine is restarted
BZ 998799 - [RHS-C] AddVdsCommand should use LockManagerProperly
BZ 999539 - scheduling policy: please rename the predefined Functions / Weights Modules / Factors
BZ 999636 - [RHEVM-ENGINE] Authentication method doesn't change when using arrow keys
BZ 1005284 - It is possible to change an iscsi storage connection and set an empty target
BZ 1005787 - [rhevm] Webadmin - Vms - Vms:Hosts autocomplete is incorrect
BZ 1005836 - [rhevm] Webadmin - Users - SearchBox doesnt display Templates in search for Users (Users: Templates.name =R*)
BZ 1006231 - [rhevm] Webadmin - Hosts - SearchBox "Host:user.usrname =*" doesn't filter correctly
BZ 1006905 - REST-API: --parent-tag-id option doesn't exists in 'update tag' options
BZ 1007392 - [ovirt-engine-notifier] - Mail - Incorrect mail headline on Error (Issue Solved Notification, Failed to query for notifications)
BZ 1007393 - [scale] The thread pool is out of limit
BZ 1008258 - Cannot add hypervisor host when use chinese support
BZ 1008318 - [RHSC] Error message seen on starting rebalance on a volume with one brick needs improvement
BZ 1008900 - [RHSC] Show error pop-up when user tries to stop a volume which has rebalance in progress
BZ 1008942 - RHS-C: Introduce a Force option in the UI to allow creation of bricks in the root partition
BZ 1009757 - [es_ES] [Admin Portal] Virtual Machines tab- Chart heading "Time executing" does not fit in the available space
BZ 1011058 - [Admin Portal] Relogin with username/password via login screen after being automatically logged off causes HTTP auth dialog
BZ 1011445 - Tabbing navigation in Add host tab should go from password field to OK buton
BZ 1011778 - RHS-C: Rebalance Status refresh was not occuring properly
BZ 1012329 - [RHSC] Not able to close rebalance status dialog .
BZ 1012871 - [RHSC] Bricks tab for a volume not displaying the bricks and remains in the loading state for very long - more than 15 minutes.
BZ 1013643 - Glance download is not interrupted when the InputStream is closed
BZ 1014069 - [spice-html5] Unable to send ctrl-alt-del to a Windows guest while using spice-html5 console
BZ 1014980 - [RHSC] - Rebalance status title should be changed.
BZ 1015013 - [RHSC] - Brick advanced details gives error.
BZ 1015016 - [RHSC] - An event message should be displayed when rebalance completes on a volume.
BZ 1015020 - [RHSC] 'Add Network' dialog for a cluster contains fields not relevant to RHS
BZ 1015052 - [ovirt-engine-backend] there are dos end of lines in engine.log
BZ 1015185 - [RFE] Addition of os disk indicator on VM import screen
BZ 1015444 - [RHSC] - No event message generated when rebalance is started from CLI.
BZ 1015478 - [RHSC] A user with permissions to manipulate volumes cannot delete a volume
BZ 1016461 - [vdsm] engine fails to add host with vdsm version 4.13.0
BZ 1016661 - Description for the creation of cluster is incorrect
BZ 1016844 - [RFE] Diplay client IP in the VM Sessions tab
BZ 1018552 - REST-API: role should not be added to user without having a resource in context
BZ 1018782 - REST-API: Inconsistent schema implementation in PayloadFile
BZ 1018904 - call to ClusterGlusterVolumeBricks::add() successfully adds brick to volume but throws exception
BZ 1019557 - [RHS-C] The menu option "Rebalance" should appear after "Stop" in Volume tab
BZ 1019559 - [RHS-C] Drop down menu in Activities column for volumes should have a box on mouse hover
BZ 1019561 - [RHS-C] Remove bricks status dialog should show host names instead of IP address
BZ 1019568 - [RHS-C] In the Hosts tab, the sub-tab "Gluster Bricks" should be renames as "Bricks"
BZ 1019570 - [RHS-C] Hide all the virt related fields and menus from RHSC
BZ 1019598 - [RHS-C] Status of the volume in activities column after Stop rebalance should be in sync with gluster CLI output
BZ 1019599 - [RHS-C] Show units of time (sec/ min) in runtime column in remove brick status dialog
BZ 1020190 - RHS-C: Hide NFS setup, Application mode and Datacenter storage type from CONFIGURATION PREVIEW during rhsc-setup
BZ 1020254 - [RHSC] - Stop Rebalance button does not get disabled once rebalance is complete.
BZ 1020278 - [RHSC] - Completed text in the status dialog needs to be highlighted or made bold.
BZ 1020282 - [RHSC] Error message on failure to start remove-brick is incorrect
BZ 1020760 - [notifier] sent notification should be visible in INFO log level
BZ 1020779 - [RHSC] - Skipped file count is getting displayed as failed file count in rebalance status dialog.
BZ 1020793 - [notifier] If Alert and Issue Solved Notifications are both discovered during next iteration, the order is messed
BZ 1020872 - [RHSC] - Node column should be sorted in the rebalance status dialog.
BZ 1020883 - [RHSC] In the task tab, show the size of rebalanced files in MB or GB
BZ 1020920 - [notifier][RFE] Use STARTTLS
BZ 1021334 - [RHSC] - Cancel button is not working in the stop rebalance dialog box.
BZ 1021343 - [RHSC] - Stop rebalance confirmation dialog does not display the volumes on which rebalance is going to be stopped.
BZ 1021360 - [text] spelling mistakes in engine event log
BZ 1021397 - [RHSC] 'CPU Name' field for a host is empty and 'CPU Type' is scrollable
BZ 1021441 - [RHSC] Status of bricks that reside on a server which is down, should be shown as down.
BZ 1021584 - message in the 'remove' confirmation dialog cannot be overridden in some cases
BZ 1021773 - [RHSC] Import host dialog hangs
BZ 1021814 - [RHSC] After starting rebalance on a volume, the rebalance button is active for some time.
BZ 1021982 - [RHSC] - Remove brick warning for distributed replicate volume has an extra parameter which is not relevant .
BZ 1022511 - RHS-C: Commit and Retain buttons are disabled in Remove brick status pop-up even though it's ready for Commit/Retain
BZ 1022516 - RHS-C: Typo in Events during Remove brick
BZ 1022585 - [RHSC] Menu items in the remove-brick menu are all disabled
BZ 1022937 - [RHSC] - Stopped At field is not getting dispalyed in the rebalance status dialog once rebalance is stopped.
BZ 1022946 - [RHSC] Rebalance status dialog appears on the Console on clicking on the Status button and immediately disappears
BZ 1022996 - [RHSC] - Monitoring stop rebalance from CLI does not work.
BZ 1023048 - Upgrade from ovirt-engine-3.3 to master fails
BZ 1023145 - Storage and dc are up although there is no host
BZ 1023722 - [oVirt-webadmin][network] Network roles in cluster management should be radio buttons
BZ 1023754 - [RFE] add trigger to stop etl connection via engine db value.
BZ 1023884 - [RHSC] - Table in the rebalance status dialog should be same as that of CLI.
BZ 1023956 - [RHS-C] In Add Bricks" pop-up, reference of "Servers" is NOT changed to "Hosts"
BZ 1024183 - [RHS-C] Host detach fails but does not show an error in UI
BZ 1024227 - [RHS-C] Stop remove brick does not show the remove brick status
BZ 1024377 - Users with GlusterAdmin role should be able to Add/Remove Cluster and Hosts
BZ 1024592 - [RHSC] Brick advance details dialogue should have the heading “Brick Advanced Detail”. In the General tab of Brick Advance details, swap the last two items “Mount options” and “File System” position.
BZ 1024606 - [RHS-C] Remove brick status dialogue : Rename the column from “File Rebalanced” to “Files Migrated”
BZ 1024609 - Rename Gluster Host to Host in detach Host dialog
BZ 1024649 - [RHSC] In the bricks sub-tab for a server, show the bricks in sorted order
BZ 1024734 - Put – (dash) before every item name for the purpose of consistency in confirmation dialogues. Particularly in Maintenance Confirmation dialogue...
BZ 1024736 - [RHS-C] Error pop up has empty title
BZ 1024782 - [RHSC] Retain button in the remove-brick status dialog does not work.
BZ 1024817 - [RHSC] - Close button in commit remove bricks dialog should be changed to 'Cancel'
BZ 1024997 - Remove Multiple hosts throws error
BZ 1025013 - [RHS-C] Remove-brick icon in the Volumes tab and Bricks tab should appear simultaneously
BZ 1025101 - [RHSC] General Tab under Host : All the rows has to be properly aligned
BZ 1025203 - [RHEVM] [webadmin] fix Edit Role dialog layout
BZ 1025295 - Webadmin - Events - Search box: filtering events by time shows bogus results
BZ 1025304 - Starting rebalance should reflect in UI immediately that task has started
BZ 1025320 - backend search returns only first page when given max=-1
BZ 1026097 - Create DB Scripts - incompatible code breaking dwh cross compatibility
BZ 1026308 - [oVirt] [webadmin] In VM Guide Me, button Configure Virtual Disks doesn't change
BZ 1026389 - Duplicated login events
BZ 1026593 - Webadmin UI is now requesting two slashes in front of URLs
BZ 1026885 - Default DC & Cluster has fixed UUIDs
BZ 1026980 - [RFE] Allow users to cluster level enable/disable KSM
BZ 1027178 - Volumes tab and sub-tabs not taking equal space
BZ 1027675 - [RHSC] Remove-brick status dialog hangs when glusterd goes down on the storage node
BZ 1029050 - Reinstall host by rest api fails on root_password field requirement
BZ 1029414 - [RHS-C] About dialog does not have a title.
BZ 1029478 - [RHSC] After committing remove-brick or retaining the brick, buttons 'Commit' and 'Retain' are not disabled in the remove-brick status dialog
BZ 1029648 - [RHSC] Edit Role Dialog Should Read "Volumes" instead of "Gluster"
BZ 1030806 - restore.sh - wrong example commands in --help
BZ 1030834 - [restore.sh] restore.sh is doing restore.sh.log in /usr directory
BZ 1031040 - [RFE] RunOnce dialog can not set a vnc keymap itself
BZ 1031386 - [engine-webadmin] inappropriate message when trying to perform an operation on a locked disk
BZ 1031585 - [RHSC] Unable to remove more than one pair of bricks from a distributed-replicate ( 3x2 ) volume
BZ 1031597 - REST-API: Session based authentication in 3.4 is broken
BZ 1031901 - [RHSC] Events log message seen on adding and removing a role needs improvement.
BZ 1033772 - REST: unable to resolve hook content conflict by copying from another host
BZ 1034063 - [RFE] engine.log is missing the iso file name, for run once \ boot from CD.
BZ 1034346 - REST: can not remove brick from distributed-replicate volume
BZ 1035124 - An event message for commit remove brick should mention the number of bricks removed.
BZ 1035146 - [RHSC] 'Could not fetch remove brick status of volume' message lists all the bricks of the volume
BZ 1035238 - [RFE] Support for moving hosts to sleep when using Power Saving policy
BZ 1035566 - [RFE] [oVirt][webadmin] Change comment column title to icon, and move to right of name
BZ 1035601 - [RHSC] Remove-brick icon disappears from the UI, when glusterd is killed on the node which was running remove-brick
BZ 1035667 - Paused VM can be resumed on host that is not UP
BZ 1035719 - Make default VNC console mode configurable
BZ 1036035 - [RHS-C] Replace "GLuster" with "Gluster" in "Add Event Notification" under Users tab
BZ 1036039 - [RHSC] Bricks status is not getting synched when gluster CLI output shows the port as N/A
BZ 1036365 - Engine does not verify that proxy supports PM agent
BZ 1036500 - [RHS-C] 'Add Event Notification' should show an error message if MAIL_SERVER is NOT configured and if "ovirt-engine-notifier" service is NOT started
BZ 1036638 - [RFE] VM-VM Affinity
BZ 1036746 - [RFE] High Availability flag should be included when exporting/importing from Export Domain
BZ 1036749 - [RFE] Even Distribution Policy by number of VMs
BZ 1036753 - [RFE] Make reservations for HA VMs to make sure there's enough capacity to start them if N hosts fail
BZ 1036885 - CreateVDSCommand Logging message does not report NIC devices
BZ 1037583 - [RHSC] After retaining a brick using the Retain button in the status dialog, the 'Stopped At' field does not appear
BZ 1037607 - when rebalance or remove-brick happens volume name gets updated as UNKNOWN in the tasks pane
BZ 1037667 - [REPORTS] - dashboard results an error, after reports were installed
BZ 1037709 - REST: migrating step's type is unknown
BZ 1038678 - REST: rsdl definition for brick migrate is incorrectly defined
BZ 1039862 - add events for remote console connection
BZ 1040630 - [RFE] Predictable vNIC order
BZ 1040686 - rest api: incorrect error message commiting part of the migrated brick set
BZ 1040959 - Rebalance start from gluster CLI does not update icon in the volume activities column.
BZ 1040973 - No event message gets generated when remove-brick is stopped from CLI
BZ 1042740 - Virt related links are returned in RSDL when engine is in Gluster only mode
BZ 1042783 - Save user's console setting per pool
BZ 1042784 - Show name of the template in General tab for a vm if the vm is deployed from template via clone allocation.
BZ 1042854 - [RFE] Track downtime for inactive VMs
BZ 1043032 - [RHSC] Server removed from DB after being in Up state
BZ 1044091 - In the event of a full host power outage (including fence devices) a user must wait 19 mins (3 x 3 minute timeouts + 10 minutes for the transaction reaper) until they can manually fence a host to relocate guests.
BZ 1044478 - [engine-setup] Encoding issue in /var/lib/ovirt-engine/setup-history.txt
BZ 1045022 - [RFE] Virtual pxe boots out of order - NICs ordered according to the MAC addresses
BZ 1045139 - In the event of a full host power outage (including fence devices) VDS_ALERT_FENCE_STATUS_VERIFICATION_FAILED alert remains in audit log
BZ 1045380 - tree view unsorted
BZ 1046611 - [oVirt][infra] Device custom properties syntax check is wrong
BZ 1046625 - [RFE] Add drac7 fence agent with ipmilan as implemintation
BZ 1047654 - RHEVM-CLI: action <type> <id> <action> command accepts async and grace_period-expiry parameters but they are missing in auto-completion
BZ 1049892 - [RHSC] - Values of Physical Memory and swap size in hosts general sub tab are incorrect.
BZ 1050135 - [RHSC] Unable to remove U1 Server after Server failed to add
BZ 1050954 - cleandb.sh does not obey '-l logfile'
BZ 1051451 - [RFE] Add Reboot option for VM
BZ 1051867 - Fail to delete network using API
BZ 1052104 - Fix SPICE ActiveX issues with MS Internet Explorer 11
BZ 1054311 - Newly-created QoS isn't saved for network
BZ 1054314 - Edit Host Network dialog can't be approved in clusters < 3.4
BZ 1055434 - [RFE] Enable configuration of maximum allowed downtime during live migration per guest
BZ 1053715 - [RFE] Cross arch support for ovirt
BZ 1053728 - [RFE] PPC arch support
BZ 1061774 - Memory snapshot on PPC64
BZ 1057178 - Migration on the ppc64 platform
BZ 1035279 - Allow to disable SSO per VM
BZ 1029441 - Fix Control-Alt-Delete functionality in console options

Fixed in oVirt 3.4.0 beta 2:

BZ 906359 - Management network VLAN tagging behaves badly
BZ 953343 - [RFE] Hypervisor RHEV-H only connects to the Dell Equallogic using one connection. it is expected to do multipathing and have 4 connection to it.
BZ 979231 - oVirt Node Upgrade: Support N configuration
BZ 991470 - Storage connection is left in db table in case adding storage domain fails
BZ 999713 - PRD34 - [RFE] Need to reclaim horizontal real estate by collapsing the tree panel
BZ 1014039 - Cannot read name of 'current' CD image through the REST API
BZ 1019394 - deleteImage task, which was started as part of snapshot creation (with save memory) roll-back remains running forever
BZ 1028515 - Change label for Network profiles to be more specific to VMs
BZ 1028523 - Add VM network icon in the Logical network dialog
BZ 1033043 - [engine-setup] engine-setup should detect if postgresql's shared_buffers are below active kernel.shmmax
BZ 1036777 - [OVIRT][ENGINE] Hot Plug CPU - Support dynamic virtual CPU allocation and deallocation
BZ 1037441 - [engine-backend] bad handling with code 205 response from vdsm to CopyImageVDS request in engine.log
BZ 1037478 - [RFE] Have ability to modify VM template - template versions
BZ 1038053 - [RFE] Allow domain of multiple types in a single Data Center
BZ 1038613 - XP VMs get virtio-scsi controller when created as a brand-new VM or from template
BZ 1038988 - Gluster brick sync does not work when host has multiple interfaces
BZ 1039616 - Setting shmmax on F19 is not enough for starting postgres
BZ 1040572 - [RHEVM-SETUP] - remote db configuration. rhevm-setup asks for different configuartion than the dwh & reports setups
BZ 1040590 - RHEVM SETUP REMOTE_DB: postgresProvisioning remains none in answer file
BZ 1043230 - Allow configuring Network QoS on host interfaces
BZ 1048790 - Not possible to power off VM that failed migration.
BZ 1048916 - sub-tab events in different main-tabs are being duplicated
BZ 1051041 - cloud-init options persistence / unification with sysprep options
BZ 1051048 - [notifier] MAIL_PORT=blabla does not make the app fail but it continues to send to port 25
BZ 1051061 - [notifier] MAIL_PORT=0 is nonsense as we are not binding but connecting to remote host
BZ 1051524 - [es-ES] sync option in network edit is not displayed
BZ 1053601 - [RFE] allow to provide a password change url on login failure when password expires
BZ 1054195 - [NetworkLabels] Attaching two labeled networks to a cluster result in failure of the latter
BZ 1054320 - QoS doesn't take effect when synchronizing network in cluster < 3.4
BZ 1054322 - Host with network QoS can be moved to cluster < 3.4
BZ 1055188 - [NetworkLabels] Detaching two labeled networks from a cluster result in failure of the latter
BZ 1055441 - [NetworkLabels] Host nics labels are being deleted when setup networks api is called
BZ 1055952 - [NetworkLabels] Missing 'Edit network' button on labeled networks which are attached to a nic in 'setup networks' dialog
BZ 1056064 - Events are being pulled from audit_log in a very inefficient way
BZ 1056155 - VDSM < 3.4 reporting QoS in 3.4 cluster produces ClassCastException
BZ 1056307 - RHEV 3.2 RHEV-M "Enforcing" typo in host reboot log message
BZ 1056501 - Updating a network on nic via 3.0 api fails
BZ 1056567 - Cannot update comment for VM in user portal
BZ 1056651 - Cannot create VM snapshot, dialog does not load
BZ 1057001 - duplicate commit button for snapshots
BZ 1057143 - [REST] Single disk snapshot fails without specifying storage domain
BZ 1057147 - Assigning a role to a user fails with an SQL error
BZ 1057154 - Some properties not persisted during Clone of VM Snapshot
BZ 1057155 - multiple storage domains - edit dialog always resets type to Shared
BZ 1057176 - engine-managed-domains - typos in usage report
BZ 1057221 - [engine] Files created on stateless vm are retained after powering off and back on
BZ 1057305 - Misaligned Host Network QoS columns on Chrome
BZ 1057561 - Templates are being pulled from template view in a very inefficient way
BZ 1057654 - Extend important limits to their hard limit
BZ 1058017 - Host network QOS get a null value if you cancel the creation of new Network QOS
BZ 1058205 - Unneeded line in Profiles subtab when creating the new network
BZ 1058327 - Do not override httpd ssl.conf and root on upgrade
BZ 1058778 - Port mirroring should be greyed out of VNIC profiles of networks imported/created in Neutron
BZ 1059233 - Neutron labels should be invisible for the Host NICs
BZ 1059411 - vdc_options - set version correctly
BZ 1059780 - [oVirt] NPE in update vm/template
BZ 1060705 - One display seen on a multi-monitor guest after rhev 3.0 to 3.2 migration
BZ 1060729 - Change NIC type from sPAPR VLAN to any other type causes error when starting the VM (PPC)
BZ 1061032 - [AIO] support RFC2317 reverse DNS lookup

Fixed in oVirt 3.4.0 beta 3:

BZ 879662 - user-portal/web-admin: refresh rate across tabs/sections should be identical (currently each tab has its own refresh rate)
BZ 904029 - [engine-manage-domains] should use POSIX parameter form and aliases as values
BZ 910733 - [Storage] [Direct LUN] Wrong event message when removing direct LUN disk.
BZ 957939 - PRD34 - [RFE] When changing the cluster and data centre compatibility versions, it should be clearly stated that changing from version 3.0 makes the data domains incompatible with RHEV 3,0 and roll back will not be possible.
BZ 960997 - [REST-API] add descriptions to import vm/template SD source/destination params in RSDL
BZ 962180 - engine: host stuck on Unassigned when moving from status Maintenance when storage is not availble from the host
BZ 969641 - [RFE] Able to detach the ISO domain from the DataCenter though iso is attached and mounted in the VM
BZ 969789 - engine: can't live migrate a disk if the vm also has an inactive disk attached on a domain which is in maintenance
BZ 975114 - engine: no CanDoAction for creating vm from snapshot when snapshot has a disk on a maintenance domain
BZ 1001976 - manage domains should try to resolve FQDNs provided by -ldapServers
BZ 1006439 - Can not do scan alignment to several disks simultaneously. Scan alignment option is greyed out.
BZ 1013631 - No email notification sent when host recovers from previously reported condition
BZ 1014859 - [RFE] improve context-sensitive help csv mapping files
BZ 1018847 - PRD34 - [RFE] Export storage domain maintenance mode confirmation
BZ 1023484 - [Admin Portal] Local DC - The Cluster is fully configured and ready for use.
BZ 1031369 - When trying to create a vNicProfile without a network, an invalid error is returned
BZ 1031717 - Force removal of DataCenter fails to remove vm_pool from DB
BZ 1038980 - PRD34 - [RFE] Add 'warnings' to Relocate VM disk "Move" and "Deactivate" actions
BZ 1044089 - Allow manual fence in connecting state
BZ 1047887 - Update vnic_profile fails for VM vnic.
BZ 1047965 - OVF descriptor file data via the REST API for the Active VM
BZ 1048356 - Source cluster and dc does not show up in Power Management tab while editing a previous added host [pm_proxy_preferences]
BZ 1052149 - no square-loading-animation when changing left-pane-tree selection
BZ 1053544 - [RFE] allow importing glance image as a template
BZ 1053740 - Missing storage allocation checks when extending a disk
BZ 1054080 - gracefully warn about unsupported upgrade from legacy releases
BZ 1055161 - [engine][network] Missing audit log for mass operations
BZ 1056169 - [engine-backend] [RO-disks] snapshot creation includes RO disks
BZ 1056803 - Creating a new VM fails with MAC_POOL_NOT_INITIALIZED
BZ 1056922 - Storage Live Migration should only snapshot the migrated disk
BZ 1056999 - [TEXT] engine-managed-domains - inconsistent cases in usage and error messages
BZ 1057053 - Change default display type for x86-64 VMs
BZ 1057087 - some administrators (admin@internal, admins added via engine-manage-domains?) are displayed with a 'user' icon by mistake.
BZ 1057101 - Guide me window - new is hidden by the icon
BZ 1057136 - Fail to add Event-Notification
BZ 1057172 - engine-managed-domains - insufficient validation of the "-report" parameter
BZ 1057182 - [RFE] engine-managed-domains - sort domains alphabetically when reporting
BZ 1057214 - Unable to add group via RESTAPI
BZ 1057546 - vdsm: cannot start a vm in read only with IDE disk type
BZ 1058214 - Action buttons in the Hosts/Network interfaces subtab show 3.0 and 3.1 action simultaneously
BZ 1058957 - rhevm-config output when failing to change password is easy to miss and doesn't give any context
BZ 1059228 - [events] Incorrect mapping: DWH_STOPPED - History Service Started
BZ 1059713 - Vm update not work via REST api
BZ 1060516 - SD becomes inaccessible while adding a new lun to it
BZ 1060575 - [RFE] OVF descriptor file data via the REST API for the Active VM
BZ 1060792 - Bookmarks panel is not refreshing upon adding/editing/removing a Bookmark
BZ 1060994 - [RHSC] - Rebalance icon in the activities column chnages to unknown (?)
BZ 1061724 - [engine] Redundant Commit Network Changes command is sent to host when cluster is changed
BZ 1061727 - [engine] Audit log event for failure to commit network changes appears as INFO messages
BZ 1062172 - useDnsLookup flag is ignored at rhevm-manage-domains - krb5.conf file will always contain realms and "domain_realm" section
BZ 1062388 - Guest NIC initialization uses tag "nics" instead of "nic"
BZ 1062434 - RHEV 3.3 rhevm-shell 'show vm' not returning all guest attributes
BZ 1062646 - [notifier] MAIL_SMTP_ENCRYPTION=tls falls back to plain-text SMTP if server does not advertise STARTTLS
BZ 1063041 - Unable to interact with user portal login dialog
BZ 1063187 - [REST API] duplicate "Nic" name from GuestNicsConfiguration
BZ 1063276 - Cannot login as admin@internal
BZ 1063443 - Type converters in XML schema confuse Java SDK generator
BZ 1063869 - allinone fails on upgrade - no admin password
BZ 1063883 - Cannot run VM for windows VM if sysprep is enabled
BZ 1064227 - task list in Webadmin - jobs disappear while still running
BZ 1064572 - restapi JAXBMarshallingException are not propogated
BZ 1064903 - engine-backup --mode=restore should point to documentation on failure
BZ 1065615 - When adding a user that belongs to a group, it does not inherit the group permissions
BZ 1065713 - [NetworkLabels] LABELED_NETWORK_ATTACHED_TO_WRONG_INTERFACE entry in AppErrors is split to two lines
BZ 1065727 - Disk name doesn't get assigned automatically after a CREATE command.
BZ 1065941 - Queries generated for data centers don't take into account the replacement of "type" with "local"
BZ 1051041 - Cloud-init options persistence and unification with Windows Sysprep options
BZ 1037478 - Have ability to modify VM template - Template Versions
BZ 1058203 - [RHEVM-RHS] - Brick advanced details gives error

Fixed in oVirt 3.4.0 RC

BZ 928864 - Cannot import VM. The following disks already exist: . Please import as a clone.
BZ 975040 - engine [TEXT]: unclear error when trying to remove a disk from a template when the template disk has only one copy on that specific domain
BZ 1023330 - [RHEVM][webadmin] New Data Center "Guide Me" does not reflect hosts presence
BZ 1026868 - Direct LUN is not being updated after resizing
BZ 1032661 - Add SNMP trap as notification method to to ovirt-engine-notification
BZ 1035844 - [oVirt][infra] Add host/Reinstall radio button text not actionable
BZ 1047649 - [Hosted Engine] Unify maintenance flows
BZ 1049611 - rhev 3.3 mtu field shows the wrong ip-mtu
BZ 1054187 - [NetworkLabels] Block labeling a bond without slaves
BZ 1054410 - FullListVdsCommand log message appears wrong with java class ref
BZ 1055881 - REST API: Search for an user in active directory by upn doesn't return any results (search by user name returns result)
BZ 1056998 - Edit Approve Host popup -> Cluster not updated
BZ 1057109 - UI: Bad vertical alignment in add user screen
BZ 1057575 - From GuideMe link, adding Host using SSH PublicKey Authentication fails with "Error while executing action: Cannot install Host with empty password."
BZ 1057579 - HA Vm reservation check ignores host status
BZ 1057584 - HA Vm reservation check failure event log is not well resolved
BZ 1057622 - webadmin: preallocated disk is reported as thinprovision in "Edit" dialogue
BZ 1058011 - general ldap provider should be removed from manage-domains
BZ 1058018 - upgrade from 3.3 overwrites exports with acl None
BZ 1058030 - Incorrect error message when trying to edit network attached to Template from VM to non-VM
BZ 1059156 - Move out downstream specific vdc_options changes into rhevm-setup-plugins
BZ 1059258 - REST API: Create user user@domain actually creates user only
BZ 1059741 - It's impossible to update the MTU/VLAN of the network that resides on unplugged NIC of the VM
BZ 1060528 - Error response to DELETE request of 'Everyone' group doesn't contains 'detail' field
BZ 1061121 - [engine] Extending a storage domain that is not attached to a datacenter fails with NullPointerException
BZ 1062615 - utc_diff not updated according to a change in VM settings
BZ 1063285 - [RHEVM] [Network Labels] moving host with labeled interface to Cluster 3.0 is not blocked
BZ 1063782 - VMs do not appear in virtual machine tab if host is selected in side pane (data-center > cluster > host > )
BZ 1064067 - webadmin: customer preview allows you to select "Active vm before the preview" which causes the disk to become illegal and vm cannot be run with "CANNOT_RUN_FROM_DISK_WITHOUT_DISK"
BZ 1064395 - search paging on event log does not use paging correctly
BZ 1064456 - rest api Empty int fields in POST data causes JAXB parser to fail
BZ 1064829 - Adding permissions to any thing doesn't work
BZ 1064880 - RHEV-M fails to detect 'AMD Opteron G5' as CPU_Type for hypervisors.
BZ 1064907 - Listing templates takes noticeable amount of time, while listing many more VMs is prompt
BZ 1064953 - [RHEVM] [network labels] Failed to configure vm networks on host while changing its cluster.
BZ 1065014 - Adding a direct LUN disk doesn't work
BZ 1065747 - [engine-backend] cannot set domain to maintenance in case there are only unplugged disks located on it
BZ 1065970 - Missing data storage types on "Add More Storage"
BZ 1066081 - Enable sync of LUNs after storage domain activation for FC
BZ 1066459 - [database] plpgsql language is not created although it should
BZ 1066489 - Event list not updating when events happen.
BZ 1066834 - [engine-backend] Can add multiple boot disks to a vm
BZ 1066838 - [engine-webadmin] inappropriate error message when cloning a VM from snapshot which one of its disks is located on an inactive SD
BZ 1066953 - Cannot edit network is "setup networks" dialog
BZ 1066956 - Cannot create a bond in 'Setup networks' dialog
BZ 1067058 - [database] old psycopg2 does not accept unicode string as port name
BZ 1067103 - [engine-webadmin] unclear error message when starting a VM with disk that located on a domain in maintenance
BZ 1067906 - Cloud-init DNS settings should go inside the "iface" section
BZ 1068884 - wrong memory usage report
BZ 1068924 - tree based sub-tabs - missing action panel buttons
BZ 1068929 - Default route is not set properly for management network if downstream/upstream engine and VDSM are mixed
BZ 1068970 - RHEV 3.2 API changing IP on hypervisor bond sub-int reqs re-passing bond opts
BZ 1069151 - Override previous export of same template fail
BZ 1069201 - [REST]: Missing domain field on VM\Template object.
BZ 1069522 - [REST-API] XSD schema validation error: response for create vm returned with 'type' and 'data' fields instead of with one of these fields
BZ 1070152 - webadmin: Missing add new ISO option in data center "guide me" dialog
BZ 1070465 - Failure to add domain via engine-manage-domains if the kerberos realm is not an uppercase of the DNS domain
BZ 1070735 - [database] do not enable provisioning for remote database

Fixed in oVirt 3.4.0 GA

BZ 1024889 - Tracker: oVirt 3.4 release
BZ 1056528 - engine-setup should refuse using a non-empty remote database
BZ 1057232 - engine: cannot change to a different cpu family after installation without removing host from cluster
BZ 1059550 - Proper audit log handling should be added for various login failures
BZ 1059578 - Creating a VM from a Template without NICs might create a NIC
BZ 1062438 - RHEV 3.3 adding new host causes error logging for an attempt to remove host
BZ 1063762 - [RHEVM] [webadmin] [network labels] cannot remove network label from interface via Setup Host Networks
BZ 1063935 - webadmin: wipe after delete option is set by what ever domain is listed first (iscsi/nfs DC)
BZ 1065270 - [RHEVM] [webadmin] [network labels] Setup Host Networks dialog presents network configuration incorrectly
BZ 1066617 - Template is created with no default value for migration downtime
BZ 1067096 - Adding new node running VDSM 4.14 will not add
BZ 1067548 - [DWH-SETUP][TEXT] - misconfiguartion of remote DB setup
BZ 1067928 - [webadmin] [network labels] emphasize unconfigured interface in Setup Host Networks dialog
BZ 1068267 - [webadmin] [network labels] Same label on VLAN + bridged network + host interface blocks Setup Host Networks dialog
BZ 1069193 - Release maven artifacts with correct version numbers
BZ 1069802 - CPU Hotplug config value is wrong in the database creation scripts
BZ 1070394 - Cannot import disks from glance as templates
BZ 1070742 - [database] support postgres user length within schema version
BZ 1071536 - Notifier doesn't send any notifications via email
BZ 1072059 - [RFE] 3.4 product translation: translation update 1
BZ 1072282 - VM split brain caused by network outage
BZ 1072307 - remote database cannot be used
BZ 1072474 - provisioning with existing database 'engine' fails
BZ 1072476 - provisioning with existing database 'engine' logs the new password
BZ 1072501 - /permits subcollection of SuperUser role throws NullPointerException
BZ 1072849 - minimal snmp notifications conf section has wrong variable name
BZ 1072867 - Schema upgrade failure on 03_05_0050_event_notification_methods.sql
BZ 1073471 - On DB upgrade, readonly user and client custom users losses permissions to db views
BZ 1073486 - Restapi throws ClassCastException when search by unknow value
BZ 1073548 - Engine requires /etc/mime.types
BZ 1074431 - support snmp notifications to multiple managers
BZ 1076902 - RHEVM shows an event message of ETL service sampling has encountered an error
BZ 1077447 - [ovirt][engine-api] Force switch HTTPS to HTTP in REST API


BZ 1036883 - VM fails to start when qemu.conf's spice_tls conflicts with vdsm.conf's ssl
BZ 1059757 - domain monitor does not stop during disconnectStoragePool on HSM during destroyStoragePool flow on SPM
BZ 1059108 - Failed creating storage pool - AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'MAX_DOMAINS'
BZ 1063472 - fenceNode passes wrong argument to the fence agent
BZ 980054 - [LOG][vdsm] KeyError: 'domainID' during teardownImage in power-off to VM
BZ 1053040 - [Hosted Engine] Unify maintenance flows
BZ 1059482 - Migrating between older and newer RHEV-H images leads to flood "path /rhev/data-center/mnt/blockSD/<UUID>/images/<UUID>/<UUID> not assigned to domain"
BZ 1062166 - do not report negative rx/tx rate when Linux counters wrap
BZ 956741 - vdsm: fix RTC offset
BZ 1057225 - sanlock not configured with no error which fails vdsm service start and fails host installation
BZ 1060524 - Command PollVDS execution failed
BZ 889097 - vm's status is changed to pause for a short moment during volume refresh (after an extend)
BZ 1055153 - vdsmd not starting on first run since vdsm logs are not included in rpm
BZ 1059680 - netconfig: set ETHTOOL_OPTS when a NIC goes up
BZ 1056948 - iscsid daemon not started when vdsm starts and iscsi storage not available
BZ 1056918 - Not able to add a node to 3.4 Cluster in Ovirt 3.4 engine
BZ 1038988 - Gluster brick sync does not work when host has multiple interfaces
BZ 1029812 - vdsm-tool configure outputs misleading error messages although it ends successfully
BZ 1034172 - Cloud-Init: generated config-drive CD image is world-readable
BZ 1015009 - Default route is not set properly for management network if downstream/upstream engine and VDSM are mixed
BZ 987832 - failed to add ovirtmgmt bridge when the host has static ip
BZ 1035314 - vdsm-hook-nestedvt uses kvm_intel-only syntax
BZ 1044060 - [RFE] Prevent RHEV from requiring hwaddr lines within ifcfg files
BZ 1024236 - Can't activate a host due to /etc/sudoer configuration
BZ 1028917 - Resource lock split brain causes VM to get paused after migration
BZ 1035847 - vdsm-tool configure fails stopping service
BZ 1048763 - before_device_migrate_source not being called
BZ 1033942 - [vdsm] getStorageDomainInfo fails due to key 'info' missing from poolInfo for master domain
BZ 1047646 - VDSM - hooks - after_update_device_fail hook fails
BZ 1034247 - Cloud-Init: meta_data.json and user_data files on config-drive are world-readable
BZ 1020356 - stray libvirt networks make vdsm fail to recognize management network on native interface with "Network defined withoutdevices" error of setupNetworks
BZ 1036358 - Paused VM not unpaused when vdsm is starting and storage domain is valid
BZ 1036111 - Malformed libvirt XML is causing Storage Live Migration failure.
BZ 983088 - New VMs use display network ports outside of documented 5634 to 6166 range
BZ 982065 - vdsClient should provide more debug info- in case of malformed XML response
BZ 1007860 - Bond "speed" does not reflect the correct speed
BZ 988469 - PRD34 - [RFE] vdsm does not recognize hot-plugged host interfaces
BZ 675560 - vdsm should monitor bond interfaces, sub-interfaces and bridges status
BZ 1057637 - Provide before and after network setup hooks
BZ 1005889 - Size of ISO images shown in 'Images' tab of ISO Domain wrong
BZ 970645 - migration_timeout not honoured, live migration goes on beyond it


BZ 1019859 - UI: AttributeError("'module' object has no attribute 'configure_logging'",)
BZ 1058257 - engine_page: use vdsm to detect mgmt interface
BZ 1057453 - engine_page: display url/port only on available

oVirt DWH

BZ 896139 - PRD34 - [RFE] collect the "created_by" field of a VM into it's configuration history
BZ 1023754 - [RFE] add trigger to stop etl connection via engine db value.
BZ 1040938 - [DWH-SETUP] - remote user password is asked twice for authentication
BZ 1063873 - Multiple daemons are not "registered" in /etc/rc[0-6].d directory hierarchy (chkconfig)

oVirt Reports

BZ 961677 - [RFE] ovirt-engine URI rework
BZ 1023751 - [RFE] Create Bin Overrider for application context files changes we do in JRS
BZ 1037667 - [REPORTS] - dashboard results an error, after reports were installed
BZ 1040943 - [REPORTS-SETUP] - remote user password is asked twice for authentication

oVirt Log Collector

BZ 1035825 - Collect ovirt-engine runtime configuration files
BZ 1035826 - Do not collect .pgpass files from RHEV-M.
BZ 1041749 - rhevm-log-collector garbles the tty when multiple hosts are gathered and ssh is called with the "-t" flag
BZ 1046309 - [ovirt-engine-log-collector] engine-ca -> cert-file option switch, support old option name
BZ 1055517 - log-collector accesses /api instead of /ovirt-engine/api
BZ 1059654 - [engine-log-collector] `engine-log-collector --help' requires root credentials

oVirt ISO Uploader

BZ 1032689 - [ovirt-engine-iso-uploader] engine-ca -> cert-file option switch, support old option name
BZ 1058807 - [engine-iso-uploader] /etc/ovirt-engine/isouploader.conf is world readable (can contain password!)

oVirt Image Uploader

BZ 1046303 - [ovirt-engine-image-uploader] engine-ca -> cert-file option switch, support old option name
BZ 1058810 - [engine-image-uploader] /etc/ovirt-engine/imageuploader.conf is world readable (can contain password!)