Get Involved!

Everyone can contribute something back to the project — one doesn't have to be a programmer to make a difference!

When starting out, we suggest signing up for the mailing list and sending an introductory email — just to introduce yourself and let people know what you're interested in related to oVirt. Join us on IRC and communicate with us too, if it's possible for you to do so.

We're looking forward to working with you!

Find and File Bugs

As someone who uses the software, your help in finding and filing bugs is thoroughly appreciated.

Report oVirt bugs on the Red Hat bugzilla. If you don't have a Bugzilla account yet, find out how to get one.

Translate, 翻译, ‫לתרגם‬

It's great to have the oVirt software itself in multiple languages, and even better to have its documentation available in everyone's native tongue too. Help improve oVirt by working on new translations and making each version the best it can be.

Write Documentation

Have a knack for writing? oVirt needs excellent, easy-to-read documentation for installation and usage, and it needs to be kept up-to-date with every release of oVirt. Log in to our source repository and help out!


Whether you push pixels or strive to put users first — if you're a designer, you too have a place in the project. At every step of the way, from initial ideas to iterations through out the development process, design is valuable to the oVirt project.

Develop the Code

Know how to program? Jump in and help us out. There's even a whole section of our website dedicated to you — start by reading the develop section.

Community Governance & Structure

oVirt is an open source project that is an openly governed project. Learn more about how the project is structured, how projects can be added, who is on the board, and who are some of our users and service providers.

Communicate with Us

Interacting with the oVirt community is everything from giving feedback through jumping in and making oVirt even better.

Meet Our Users and Supporters

oVirt is made up of a broad community of supporters, sponsors, and users. Find out more about our valued community, and see how oVirt is being used in organizations around the world!

Get Social with oVirt

Keep track of the latest happenings in the oVirt community, including new release announcements, and send your thoughts and links to virtualization-related topics. Follow us on:

Chat with Us on IRC

People using oVirt and all those who develop the software are welcome in the #ovirt channel on

If you don't already have a IRC client, you can install one of the clients referenced here, or join our channel in your web browser by using mibbit.

We're most active from about 07:00 UMT to 11:00 UMT (09:00 IST to 17:00 PST), but there are usually folks hanging out throughout the entire day. Also: be sure to read our simple etiquette guidelines. (Quick summary: be nice!)

Converse on Our Mailing Lists

There are many mailing lists related to all aspects of oVirt. Some are for people using the software, others are for developing oVirt, and there are even more for administration and governance purposes.

Remember to be polite and read our etiquette guide.

Join all of the following mailing lists that interest you.

Meet Our Infrastructure Team

The Infrastructure Team consists of dedicated volunteers and professionals managing the servers, building the tools and utilities, and creating new applications to make oVIrt development a smoother process. We're located all over the globe and communicate primarily by the #ovirt channel on and signing up for the mailing list. Check out the Infrastructure home page for more details!