Users and Providers

Our community is growing every day, as individual users and organizations alike discover oVirt and start integrating it into their IT strategies. How they use oVirt varies: implementing it in their datacenters and even using oVirt as the basis of their own solutions for their customers. For Red Hat, which opened the oVirt codebase, oVirt is used as the upstream for the commercial Red Hat Virtualization product. oVirt is also the upstream for Wind River's Open Virtualization product.

This page highlights the users, solution providers, supporters, and downstream commercial products of oVirt.

oVirt-Based Products

Nimbus Concept Nimbus Concept has taken oVirt and other open source tools to deliver solutions to their customers, and now is offering something unique: OriginStack, an appliance that integrates hardware, virtualization (oVirt/KVM), private cloud (OpenStack), and support in one integrated package. Case Study

Red Hat, Inc. Red Hat is the corporate member of the oVirt community responsible for opening oVirt's codebase. Besides providing support for oVirt's community, Red Hat uses oVirt as the codebase for its Red Hat Virtualization product.

UDS Enterprise UDS Enterprise is a multiplatform connection broker supported and developed by VirtualCable. This software administers and manages virtual and remote desktops, applications and other Windows & Linux services. It is compatible, among others, with Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V, Nutanix Acropolis, Red Hat KVM, oVirt KVM, VMware vSphere…. Case Study

Wind River Wind River offers a comprehensive device development portfolio, including its Open Virtualization product, a real-time virtualization solution using KVM and oVirt technology.

oVirt Customer Stories

The oVirt Project is made great by the users who advocate and help in the development of oVirt, by using oVirt in a variety of production environments every day. When we find them, we are pleased to list them here.

AlterWay AlterWay offers hosting services to the oVirt project for free, including oVirt-managed Virtual Machines and a dedicated server for Jenkins, for use in the oVirt project infrastructure. They launched an oVirt-based public cloud offering called H2O in October 2012. Case Study

BrusselsAirportCompany Faced with an opportunity to take the approximately 150 virtual machines housed on 30 Solaris machines and manage them with another virtual datacenter management tool, the Brussels Airport Company IT team went with oVirt running atop CentOS. Case Study

Judici Judici offers the public litigant information, criminal and civil court information, case minutes, and calendar data for hearings, and is rolling out the capability to e-file cases online for 68 of Illinois' 102 county courts. And it's making this happen with completely open source software, including oVirt. Case Study

Nieuwland Dutch software development company Nieuwland Geo-Informatie creates mobile applications that need to tap into a lot of geographic information in a reliable and fast manner. To do this, they needed a virtualization solution that would have high availability at a reasonable cost. Case Study

oVirt Educational Stories

oVirt is popular with a lot of users, but one set of organizations that finds oVirt very useful for production is academic institutions. We have found users from universities and colleges from around the world who have implemented oVirt to manage their virtual workloads.

Keele University Keele University, Stafforshire UK
Keele University has a small and dedicated IT staff handling all of the IT demands of the 10,000 students and 2,000 staff. To handle their virtualization needs, they have been using oVirt 3.2 since mid 2013. Case Study

NUST National University of Sciences & Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan
The National University of Sciences and Technology aims to emerge as a comprehensive residential institution responsive to technological change, dedicated to excellence and committed to international educational and research needs of Pakistan.

Silesian University in Opava Silesian University in Opava, Opava, Czech Republic
The Silesian University in Opava, a member of European University Association, belongs among the top five universities created after 1989. Immediately after its inception, the university began to provide students comprehensive education in the fields of humanities and economics.

oVirt Professional Services / Integrators

Companies and public institutions all over the world have found oVirt a great solution to manage internal and customer-facing servers. These organizations are using oVirt in production, as well as actively participating in the oVirt community.

ALBA Software ALBA Software has provided consulting, integration, and Internet development services since 1999.

Cornerstone Technical Solutions Cornerstone Technical Solutions offers virtualization to consolidate datacenters, enabling clients the flexibility to combine CTS service offerings, which use oVirt, for their needs.

Internet Complete!, Inc. Internet Complete is dedicated to providing Oklahoma customers with the leading technologies (including oVirt-managed hosting) they need for fast, reliable Internet solutions.

it-novum Logo it-novum is a company that's very focused on delivering open source, so when they decided to build a product and solution set for their customers' datacenter needs, it made sense that oVirt was included. Case Study

Netbulae The founders of Netbulae have experience in ICT, automation, graphics and multimedia sectors, and use those skills and the oVirt platform to deliver virtual datacenter management services to their customer base.

R01 Registrar R01 - registrar of domain names, belongs to a group of companies Hosting Community. The company became the first accredited registrar in the national domain RU and today offers a wide range of professional services, being one of the leaders in the number of registered domains .RU, .SU and .RF.

Yi Yunjie Yi Yunjie Technology (Beijing) Ltd. is a technology research company and provider of cloud computing products and operational service for medium to large enterprise customers, with independent development of the professional-oriented cloud computing solutions.

oVirt Cloud Providers

AlterWay AlterWay offers hosting services to the oVirt project for free, including oVirt-managed Virtual Machines and a dedicated server for Jenkins, for use in the oVirt project infrastructure. They launched an oVirt-based public cloud offering called H2O in October 2012. Case Study

Cloud Times Cloud Times is a startup invested by CBC and funded by Dr Edward Tian, known as the Father of Chinese Broadband. Cloud Times is devoted to being the leading solution provider of Cloud Client Equipment, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, and “Cloud plus Client” Management Platform, and to help Chinese enterprises in the transition to “Cloud plus Client” architecture.

oVirt Supporters

The following organizations are very helpful to the oVirt community by providing tools and services that are helpful to the development of oVirt.

jetbrains IntelliJ IDEA and PyCharm are two developer products with donated licenses from JetBrains.

Jprofiler jprofiler from ej-technologies GmBH assists oVirt developers in finding performance bottlenecks, pin down memory leaks and understand threading issues.

WhiteSource oVirt developers use whitesource to continuously monitor oVirt components for security and license issues and to obtain alerts on problematic components.

oVirt Board Members

The following companies are represented on the oVirt Board.

Canonical Cisco IBM Intel NetApp Red Hat Suse