Articles from Martin Sivak

Testing ovirt-engine changes without a real cluster

The ovirt-engine component of oVirt is the brain of oVirt and is responsible for managing attached systems; providing the webadmin UI and REST interfaces; and other core tasks. The process of setting up a real cluster on which to deploy the project is a time-consuming task that greatly increases patch turnaround time and can provide a significant barrier of entry to those wanting to contribute to the project.

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Subclusters in oVirt 4.0 - Label-Based VM to Host Affinity

Before I start discussing the feature itself I have to explain a bit about the use cases that we were trying to solve.

  • Let us imagine you have a special piece of software with a node-licensing model that only cares about physical machines when counting the number of licenses needed. This specifically allows you to run that software in virtual machines, but you need to control the physical host on which the VMs are running.

  • The other case is basically related to hardware capabilities. Some NICs might be faster than others and you want to place all high traffic VMs on hosts that have them. Or a special custom device is needed and VMs that need it won’t run on a host that does not have it.

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