Gamification is the use of concepts commonly found in games to engage users in solving problems.

In oVirt, Gamification refers to the initiative that aims to increase awareness of the project and its features by engaging users to accomplish various tasks, collect rewards and make their progress visible in an encouraging way.

Projects listed below have one goal in common: have fun and learn about oVirt at the same time.



  • meetings will take place publically on irc, channel - #ovirt_gamification.
  • optional video/conf call will be avaiable via Blue jeans


ProgressBar plugin

UI plugin that tracks the progress of using oVirt system through achievements

Vojtech Szocs (Vszocs)

Current status
in progress, code available as patch in gerrit

ProgressBar is meant to encourage users to explore oVirt features through WebAdmin UI.

oVirt ProgressBar PoC

Basic concepts

  • achievement is the basic unit of tracking user’s progress
  • each achievement maps to one or more feature(s)
  • achievements are organized into different categories (Networking, Storage, etc.)
  • achievement can be in following states:
    • locked - achievement not completed yet, show mini-guide (hint) on how to unlock it
    • unlocked - achievement completed, show mini-doc with summary on feature(s) behind it
    • blocked - completion of this achivement depends on completion of another achievement

Tracking progress

  • each achievement has one or more completion condition(s) - tracking progress of given achievement
  • progress = % of achievements unlocked in given category (category progress) or in total (global progress)
  • rank = textual representation of progress (Novice, Master, etc.)

Advanced concepts

  • achievements can be organized into levels

AngularJS Demo Plugin

UI plugin that uses AngularJS to establish a Model-View-Controller architecture

Kanagaraj Mayilsamy (Kmayilsa) and Vojtech Szocs (Vszocs)

Current status
finished, code available from sample UI plugin repository as angular-demo-plugin

this plugin was developed while working on ProgressBar plugin

Space Shooter plugin

UI plugin meant as tutorial on writing simple plugin incorporating HTML5 game

Vojtech Szocs (Vszocs)

Current status
finished, code available from sample UI plugin repository as space-shooter-plugin

Space Shooter (tutorial) is meant to walk you through the basics of creating your first UI plugin.

oVirt Space Shooter