oVirt is pleased to announce it will be participating in the current round of Outreachy, hosted by Software Freedom Conservancy, with support from the GNOME Foundation and Red Hat.

Outreachy helps people from groups underrepresented in free and open source software get involved. We provide a supportive community for beginning to contribute any time throughout the year and offer focused internship opportunities twice a year with a number of free software organizations.

Information for Participants

oVirt, with the help of sponsors, will sponsor internships from May 30, 2017 to August 30, 2017.

Because the program is intended to help newcomers and contributors who are relatively new to the FOSS community to get more involved, Outreachy unfortunately can’t accept past participants of Outreach Program for Women, Outreachy, or Google Summer of Code internships. However, if you qualify for Google Summer of Code, you are more than welcome to apply for it.

The internship is expected to be a full-time effort, meaning that the participants must be able to spend 40 hours a week on their project. Participants will work remotely from home. Because IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is one of the primary means of communication within oVirt, participants should be present on oVirt’s IRC (#ovirt @ OFTC) channel while working. You will also be expected to communicate electronically with other project members via other means, including Bugzilla bug tracker comments, mailing list discussion, blog posts, and personal e-mail. Participants will be expected to blog at least once every two weeks about their work and their blog posts will be included on the site that publishes oVirt blog posts, currently community.redhat.com.

For information how to apply follow the instructions on Outreachy.

Information for Mentors

  1. Read the information for mentors to be familiar with the expectations for the application process, contracts, and mentoring during the internships.
  2. Send a brief e-mail with an introduction and a subject starting with [INTRODUCTION] to outreachy-list@gnome.org - Outreachy will subscribe you to the list and everyone will know who you are! This is a private list for organizations’ coordinators and mentors, where prospective applicants can send their inquiries and applications. Outreachy will also subscribe you to the announce list, which is a low-traffic list with important coordination e-mails. While the main list can get busy at times and you are only asked to follow up on e-mails reflecting interest in your organization in the subject, Outreachy asks you to keep a close eye on the e-mails sent to the announce list.
  3. Sign up as a mentor in the online application system by following the guide for it.
  4. Start hanging out in #outreachy and #outreachy-admin on GIMPNet (irc.gnome.org).
  5. You are welcome to pitch in answering any questions from prospective applicants on the mailing list and the IRC channel.
  6. At any time, please send Outreachy any feedback about the program, any questions or concerns.

Mentor Information

Please find the mentors and projects listed below. In case you are interested in one of the projects, please contact the mentor directly using e-mail with a short description of your education, experiences and professional interests. The mentor will then guide you with the next steps for making a contribution relevant to the project you are interested in.

Milan Zamazal

Contact Info: mail: mzamazal@redhat.com, irc: mzamazal in #ovirt channel in irc.oftc.net

I’m sorry, I no longer accept new candidates. You can still apply to the other oVirt projects or you can contact oVirt development mailing list.@ovirt.org/

Ideas You would like to mentor for oVirt:

  • [Python] implement oVirt integration tests using Lago (https://github.com/lago-project/lago) and oVirt REST API.
  • [Python] implement oVirt log analyzer. oVirt is a distributed system and all parts of the system have their own logs. In order to analyze/troubleshoot an issue, it is useful to correlate an action triggered on one subsystem and how it travelled over the other parts. This would be a greenfield project written in Python.

Jakub Niedermertl

Contact Info: mail: jniederm@redhat.com, irc: jniederm in #ovirt channel in irc.oftc.net

Ideas You would like to mentor for oVirt:

  • [JavaScript] rewrite couple of dialogs in GWT frontend into modern JavaScript technologies (ES6, React, Redux) and potentially integrate them back to the old application using the oVirt’s UI Plugin infrastructure.

Jason Brooks

Contact Info: mail: jbrooks@redhat.com, irc: jbrooks in #ovirt channel in irc.oftc.net

Ideas You would like to mentor for oVirt:

  • [Documentation] oVirt relies on or can work with several other open source software components, such as postgresql, gluster, ceph, openstack glance/cinder/neutron, manageiq, and freeipa. In many cases, users may find it valuable to deploy these complementary components in software containers. An intern could document the process of deploying one or more of these projects in software containers for use alongside oVirt. In some cases, members of the community will have already produced some rough documentation that needs to be cleaned up and organized for inclusion in project documentation. In other cases, there’ll be more of a “green field,” with work to be done both containerizing and documenting the process.