KVM Forum 2013 / oVirt Developer Summit

KVM Forum presentations

During the new KVM management track at the KVM Forum, there will be a number of oVirt related topics presented.

Tuesday, October 22:

  • 13:45 - Empowering Data Center Virtualization using KVM (Livnat Peer, Red Hat) (similar to her session in CloudOpen, but with a stronger focus on KVM) - Slides
  • 14:30 - Kimchi: Simplified KVM Management (Adam Litke, IBM) - Slides, Session recording
  • 15:30 - Providing quality of service for VMs in oVirt (Martin Sivak, Red Hat) - Slides, Session recording
  • 16:00 - You Want How Much Space? Virtualisation at Keele, and How Not To Do It - (Martin Gold, Keele University) Session recording
  • 16:30 - Linux storage stack for the cloud (Yeela Kaplan, Red Hat) - Slides, Session recording
  • 17:00 - Trusted Compute Pools Feature in oVirt (Gang Wei, Intel) - Slides, Session recording

In addition, there is lots of other content related to libvirt, QEMU, Spice, virtio and other topics which will be of great interest to oVirt developers.

CloudOpen Europe presentations

There are a number of oVirt presentations during the CloudOpen Europe conference, which is happening at the same time as the KVM Forum.

Monday, October 21:

11:00, Lammemuir 1
RAM Snapshots in oVirt - Arik Hadas, Red Hat

12:00, Lammemuir 1
oVirt and Cloud-Init integration - Omer Frenkel, Red Hat Session recording Slides

14:20, Lammemuir 1
Empowering Data Center Virtualization Using KVM - Livnat Peer, Red Hat

Tuesday, October 22:

11:10, Lenox 1
GlusterFS Architecture & Roadmap - Vijay Bellur, Red Hat

12:10, Lowtheir
Cloud Computing with KVM - Tony Gargya, IBM

There is also a two-hour tutorial on the scripting and extensibility features of oVirt:

Wednesday, October 23, 11:05, Monteith
Scripting And Integration with the oVirt Engine - Oved Ourfali Session recording

oVirt Developer Summit

Day 3 of the KVM Forum will see one track dedicated to the oVirt developers summit, featuring some presentations on the state of oVirt, and a number of working sessions where we will discuss the future direction of the project and plan the roadmap for upcoming releases. All oVirt users and developers are welcome at these sessions - to participate you need to register for the KVM Forum.


There are three oVirt talks in oVirt developer meeting, all taking place on Wednesday October 23 in the morning:

In the afternoon, we will have a series of working sessions, with a leader setting the stage, followed by group discussion, and a conclusion of priorities for the project.