RSVP list response process

Follow this process when responding to RSVP emails for oVirt events. This keeps us able to coordinate across timezones without duplicating or missing work. It also gives us a chance to provide a polite and appropriate response to each RSVP, while maintaining our records.

  1. When you receive an email to, open the unique event shared spreadsheet (e.g. on Google Docs) and enter the details for the person or persons.
    • Ideally you want to receive an email from each person attending. This way you have a copy of the attendee list in the rsvp@ archives.
    • Do this first to you minimize the chance of mistakes in the attendee list.
  2. Reply to the email, choosing Reply-to-all. You want to include the list (for archiving) and any person the sender included in their Cc: - it might be a co-worker, manager, etc. and you want that person to know the RSVP status - on or not on the attendee list.
    • Including alerts other event coordinators that you have responded to this person.
  3. In the email response include these essential pieces of information:
    • “Yes, you are now on the list of attendees.”
    • “You will be added to the workshop announcement/coordination email list.”
    • Consider the language barriers when writing responses
  4. After sending out one or all of the responses you have, add the attendees to the workshop specific mailing list.

Materials for event coordinators for each workshop can be found in :Category:Event coordinator documentation.