API - oVirt workshop November 2011 Notes

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oVirt API


Michael Pasternak: mpastern@redhat.com


  • Overview of HTTP and RESTful protocols
  • Compare/Contrast SOAP & REST
  • Overview of oVirt-API url structure / headers; examples of different methods
  • Responses are blocked until operation completes (is what I think I heard)
  • Browser tour of API
  • Suggested tools for using the REST API (FF REST, curl, etc), and examples operations w/ ‘em
  • Python SDK - fully compliant w/ oVirt API, autogenerated
    • RSDL - RESTful Services Description Language; http(s)://server:port/api?rsdl describes parameter constraints
    • Overview of using the SDK
    • (Something about SSL - missed it doubletasking)
  • CLI usage
  • What next?
    • non-admin user access - restricting views of resources
    • atomic ops - e.g. changing network config w/o losing access (iirc)
    • supporting new features of the oVirt engine


  Q: How do we know that we didn't break API compat?
  In general we don't want to break the API, but some things are marked as new/may change.
  Need to define a deprecation strategy.
  Suggestion: major versions can break the API/minors must not.
  Maybe too early to keep a static API.
  DB scheme changes - API will have to change or backward compat layer maintained
  Q: can you lock a resource (e.g. while updating)
  Not today; actions can conflict (shutdown a vm racing w/ a vm change) - but updates do not.
  Maybe worth adding this functionality to the API.

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