Beijing oVirt Workshop

2nd ovirt workshop held successfully in Beijing

Posted on April 16, 2012

The 2nd oVirt community workshop was held successfully in Beijing on 21st March. More than 100 developers across the world gathered in Beijing to share their experience in oVirt development. It is worth mentioning that, this workshop also drew a lot of customers’ attention and made them interested in adopting oVirt open virtualization technology, including HUAWEI, MEITUAN and so on.

Director of IBM CSTL, Thomas Gosller prospected the future of open virtualization and gave a warm welcome to guests. Distinguished engineer of IBM, Mrs Wang Shou Hui spoken for how open virtualization is widely used in IBM’s products. Carl Trieloff, technical director of Redhat CTL, and Li Shao Fan, manager from Intel also elaborated on their strategies in open virtualization.

Itamar Heim introduced the architecture and rich features of oVirt. Adam Litke from IBM gave a presentation on MOM and showed its capability to leverage limited resources to do more virtualization tasks. Wan Qi Xiang described oVirt node architecture and its design details. Ayal Baron and Doron Fediuck gave presentations about project design and usage details about vdsm and oVirt engine core respectively. These topics raised heated debates and received warm responses. This workshop got a high evaluation from audiences, attracted more developers to participate in the oVirt ecosystem and also gave customers strong confidence to adopt this open technology.