LC Japan Workshop Post-Mortem

The purpose of this page is to document feedback from the team on the oVirt Workshop at LinuxCon Japan 2012. This summary distilled from this thread on the oVirt architecture mailing list.

For full details on oVirt workshops, see OVirt Global Workshops.

Workshop Feedback

Course Material

  • All sessions seemed to be well received. Slides need general refresh with updated screenshots, etc.
  • ovirt-Engine presentation needs more meat, specifically better diagrams, code structure and go through a simple example-command workflow from entry until DB.
  • Consider adding vertical presentations, e.g. oVirt network, oVirt storage, oVirt VM life cycle, all of which would be given following the oVirt architecture and demo presentation.

Audience Participation

  • Between 25-35 attendees on hand throughout the day.
  • ~80 people attended the oVirt sessions scheduled as part of the Virtualization Mini-Summit.
  • Need more time for Q&A from audience.
  • Demo is a must in the workshop - best way to engage the audience.
  • Questions trickled in during the breaks, which is when most questions came up.

Developer / User Traction Resulting from the Workshop

  • Time will tell, but there appeared to be strong interest from both Hitachi and Fujitsu; both companies have previously expressed interest in oVirt.
  • Consultants in the audience who were considering oVirt as an option.

Promotion of the Event

A/V and Room Setup

  • Round tables did not work well as a layout for the workshop. More feedback has been requested of the team so this can be improved for future workshops.
  • A/V worked seamlessly and was already set up when everyone arrived.

Food and Beverage

  • Food was excellent. Most attendees stepped out to take breaks during meal times rather than continuing to discuss the material.

Attendee Gifts

  • Would have been nice to have had gifts for attendees, even just a nice handout or stickers.
  • Optimal giveaway: Appliance with oVirt pre-installed and configured on a USB stick. (longer term goal)

Other Feedback

  • Have representatives from a wider range of sub-projects represented at the next workshop.
    • Mike Burns has offered to handle the Node presentation at LinuxCon North America, LC Europe (KVM Forum + oVirt co-located) and the NetApp campus workshop.
  • Prepare post-event feedback survey in advance of the next workshop so we can collect attendee feedback immediately. For LinuxCon Japan, the Linux Foundation was kind enough to include basic survey questions in their all attendee post-conference survey.
  • Make sure it is obvious to attendees that they can attend the Gluster workshop or the oVirt workshop, but the two events are generally mutually exclusive.
    • Action Taken: For LC North America and Europe, the registration forms direct attendees to sign up for one workshop or the other, but not both. For future instances of the workshops that have not yet been scheduled, we’re aiming to make certain they occur on different days so attendees who wish to go to both events are able to do so.