Network breakout - oVirt workshop November 2011

Quantum basic API approach:

  1. Create a network
  2. Create a port
  3. Create an interface (VNIC)

“Infinite capacity NIC you can plug in to the port, which then has limitations - speed, reliance, etc.”

VNIC = simple entity

Port = sophistication

vnic, vport, vnet (vlan)

oVirt’s world today is pretty static - quantum allows for logical designs but pushes those implementation details down to plugins

quantum model doesn’t do provisioning/discovery ; system administrator needs to tell quantum what is available to use (physical nics/connectivity). They can add properties associated with that port (“blue” network, “public” network, 10Gb, etc), and make that available to tenents.

VLANs are a static resource in the datacenter - datacenter is the view of what is static (physical or virtual)

VLANs w/ meaning outside the cloud need to be treated specially/predefined by administrator vs a pool of available VLANs used as conumable resources inside the cloud.

Open vSwitch & Cisco UCS/Nexus plugins are shipped w/ the quantum source; there are others that exist but haven’t been released by the owners yet. HP has publicly said they’ve done a plugin others have privately committed to it.

NetStack L3 Service

  • Quantum addressees L2 abstraction
  • This is an L3 abstraction/API
  • Enables routing to/from tenant networks
  • Seperation allows you to mix/match L2/L3 management
  • Support for one or more public subnets
    • w/ support for customer’s IP address space
    • VMs within this subnet have access to/from the public network via gateway
  • Support for one or more private subnets
    • VMs w/ thi ssubnet do not have direct access to the public network
  • NAT
  • Gateway
  • Route tables in addition to dfeault
  • ACLs

Will have a consumer API - mapping to physical infrastructure will likely be a plugin setup

Open Questions

Lots currently under discussion

Quantum API

python plugin interface

Plugins handle the datastore; both opensource plugins use mysql database

Example: VLAN pool

administrator edits a config file (let’s say) and lists out available vlan range…petered off

existing quantum implementation handles one plugin; combining openvswitch/nexus plugins means writing a new plugin that knows of both.

Design of quantum was to start small; thus the name. Consumer API reached consensus and allowed the project to get off the ground; expanding scope to provide a good API on the backend could be considered.

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