Network - oVirt workshop November 2011

Work Areas

  • Permissions on networks
  • Bundled network config instead of multiple calls to VDSM to config network
  • Setup networks on multiple hosts in the cluster w/ “one-click” in the GUI (not near term)
  • Managed networks - other than bridging; general notion of network providers
    • VM-FEX (802.1qbh)
    • VEPA/VEB (802.1qbg)
    • Chassis based management - Blade Harmony, etc
    • openvswitch - kinda on backburner while not upstream, but better place for stuff we currently do in bridge
  • IPv6 “should work”, but not tested other than within the guest

Q: have you looked at quantum stuff in openstack? A: recently yes, but not too deeply - we don’t want to invent the wheel

Category: Workshop November 2011