Workshop Board Meetings

The purpose of this page is to collaboratively plan oVirt Board Meetings at OVirt Global Workshops. We are currently exploring which upcoming workshops work best for Members Board Meetings.

Upcoming events where a Workshop and a Board Meeting may be held

  • Prague, October 25-27, 2017: KVM Europe (workshop may be co-located with KVM Forum)

Scheduling Board Meetings

In order to schedule Board Meetings, we will need to determine which Board Members will attend each workshop and their level of interest in having a Board Meeting at a particular workshop. If it is determined that we would be scheduling too many Board Meetings by having one at each large workshop, we can narrow down to a subset of upcoming workshops based on Board Member availability and timing preferences.

For the purposes of collecting this data, we are asking all oVirt Board Members to add their names to the list for each workshop where they would like to attend a Board Meeting. Should a Board Member wish to see a Board Meeting occur at a workshop where the member cannot be present, please add additional details, e.g. will participate remotely.

KVM Europe

Open Questions

  • Is there a requirement for oVirt that a certain number of Board Members be present in order to have a quorum for decision making purposes?
    • If so, how many members are required?
  • Are oVirt Board Meetings public or private?
    • If Board Meetings are public, we should generate a plan to invite a wider audience to the meetings.