oVirt Slide Decks

Slide Templates

These template presentations are provided to build new slides for oVirt presentations. They can be downloaded and used as-is, or Saved As template files within OpenOffice and LibreOffice.

Deep Dives

oVirt 3.6.0 meetups / release parties

FISL 2015

Grazer Linuxtage 2015

chemnitz 2015

brno 2015

Introduction to oVirt Deck

73-slide presentation, updated Oct. 2014: Introduction_to_oVirt.odp (ODP) This is a large presentation, with notes. It can be used as is, or cut to fit a shorter presentation, such as for a meetup or user-group meeting.

datacom 2014

Latinoware 2014

oVirt Community Update - FISL 2014

FISL 2014 Presentations

oVirt Decks from FOSDEM 2012

Virtualization Management the oVirt way: Fosdem2012-ovirt-clean.pdf (PDF)

oVirt Engine Core: Internals and Infrastructure: Ovirt-engine-core_fosdem_2012.pdf (PDF)

Initial Set of oVirt Slides from the Kickoff Workshop in November 2011

Workshop Invitation Deck: (PDF))

Arch & Work in progress: (PDF)

oVirt Node: (PDF)

oVirt API: (PDF)

oVirt history and reports (ODP) & (PDF)

oVirt engine core (ODP) & (PDF)

ovirt-dev-setup (ODP) & (PDF)

ovirt-vdsm (ODP) & (PDF)

ovirt-vdsm storage (ODP) & (PDF)

Guest tools / agent (PDF) & (ODP)

Quantum Ovirt discussion (PDF)