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An occasionally updated collection of user comments and reviews from around the interwebs.

From Reddit topic “What are people using to manage KVM deployments?”:

  • “We use oVirt /r/ovirt onsite and RHEV for customers with money for infrastructure VMs. […] oVirt is not bad. Integrates with GlusterFS now, so I can do live migrations without worrying about a NFS SPOF. Easy web interface, can authenticate users off LDAP.”
  • “+1 for ovirt. It has worked well for my in my testing for the last couple of months. Im currently preparing my home network (vmware esxi based) to migrate to oVirt. All the features, nearly none of the cost.”
  • “Just today I was commenting to another admin, “How the heck did we survive before we installed RHEV?” as I automatically built a new VM in a matter of minutes from start to finish instead of the pain we’d go through with just KVM/Libvirt and having to deal with configuring everything manually on our SAN and then in the multipath config with every new VM we wanted to add. Highly recommend RHEV or Ovirt. It’s KVM underneath so it’ll have performance similar to what you’re used to, but provides so much more functionality and ease-of-use features.

    Converting your VMs from KVM to it is also pretty easy and well documented using virtv2v.”

Another Reddit topic: ProxMox vs oVirt, OpenStack…?

  • Extract oVirt comments here

Some Twitter comments:

  • “C.I. gvt migrates 1000 telco VMs from #vmware to #RedHat Virtualization (based on @ovirt) 3 min. overview