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REST Client Addon

Two methods for invoking REST-API requests are described bellow:

Using firefox rest client add on

  1. Add to firefox the rest-client add-on:
  2. Restart firefox
  3. Go to Tools –> REST Client
  4. Click on Authorization -> Basic Authorization button, enter username and password. Username should include the domain. e.g. admin@internal
  5. Click on Headers -> Custom headers and add

    name: Content-type value: application/xml

  6. Select “Get” method, put in URL field the server address, followed by /api. e.g: http://localhost:8080/api/
  7. Click on send

The expected result in the bottom window should be a red bar with text: STATUS CODE: 200, OK On the “Response Body” tab, the entire entities supported by the service are presented. Selecting a specific entity and sending request for it will return the action supported for it and a collection of those entities.

The following link will return the entire list of VMs: http://localhost:8080/api/vms The response body contains a fixed list of “ready-to-paste” list which could be used to be pasted into the URL.

If wishes to run command/action:

  1. Change to “Post” method
  2. Paste in the request body the request e.g. for adding a snapshot for a specific vm, type a url for that vm: http://localhost:8080/api/vms/61d0c568-62f5-4b8c-8548-7000beb27d7c/snapshots

    The request body:

     <description>New Snapshot for VM</description>
     <vm id="61d0c568-62f5-4b8c-8548-7000beb27d7c" href="/api/vms/67f2ba3e-1a32-4aee-8be6-3f5c6fa4cfd8"/>

This will add a new snapshot for VM with id 61d0c568-62f5-4b8c-8548-7000beb27d7c.


The second method is by using curl utility from the command line.

Example of adding new snapshot:

  curl -v -u "admin@internal":letmein\! \
    -H "Content-type: application/xml" \
    -d '`<snapshot>`  \
         `<description>`New Snapshot for VM`</description>` \
         `<vm id="61d0c568-62f5-4b8c-8548-7000beb27d7c" href="/api/vms/61d0c568-62f5-4b8c-8548-7000beb27d7c"/>` \
     `</snapshot>`' \

The curl command line utility (provided by the curl package) could be enhanced by a script which could run in parallel to test various scenarios. It is also suitable for any type of non-functional tests (NFT). For full list of arguments refer to curl man pages.