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Backend modules vdsbroker

Introduction: VDS (=Host) broker is a collection of commands that are host-related. Each host is instantiated a VdsManager, and every host-related command is eventually trickled to that hosts’ VdsManager. Before reading on, it is recommended to read the Backend modules bll page in order to gain an understanding of how commands work in oVirt.

Commands: Like bll commands, VDS commands have a strict naming convention that the VDS commands factory relies on to instantiate vds commands. The naming convention is *VDSCommand. VDS commands can be classified in to two main types:

  1. Executor commands - Run code that actually implements a command
  2. Pre/post commands - Run code before or after executor commands

Commands can then be further classified into two additional categories, independent from the previous classification:

  1. IRS (=SPM) commands - Storage related commands, or commands related to the host selected as the Service Pool Manager
  2. VDS commands - Non-SPM commands