All scripts resides under the dbscripts directory All scripts can get parameters for server, port, user and database If those parameters are not given, defaults defined in set_defaults are used

How to create a new database?

From root account perform:

  su - postgres -c "psql -d template1 -c "create database `<database_name>`  owner engine;""

How to upgrade a database? [-h] [-s SERVERNAME] [-p PORT] [-d DATABASE] [-u USERNAME] [-f VERSION] [-c] [-v]

How to refresh my stored procedures & views? [-h] [-s SERVERNAME] [-d DATABASE] [-u USERNAME] [-v]

How to backup/restore my database ? [-h] [-s SERVERNAME] [-p PORT] [-d DATABASE] [-l DIR] -u USERNAME [-v] [-h] [-s SERVERNAME] [-p PORT] -u USERNAME -d DATABASE -f FILE [-r]

Remote database support

In all scripts SERVERNAME and PORT are optional If you are using a local DB then SERVERNAME defaults to localhost and PORT is defaulted to 5432 For remote access you should give the server name in SERVERNAME and verify that your remote database is listening on the default port (or give the PORT value in the command line)