Engine supported Time Zones

Engine default time-zones can be found in <ENGINE_DEPLOYMENT>/etc/ovirt-engine/timezones/

Timezones file format:

key must be valid General timezone from tz database, value must be a valid Windows timezone

  • General - time zones used for non-Windows OS types, that follows the standard tz format e.g. ‘Etc/GMT’ or ‘Asia/Jerusalem’

  • Windows - time zones specifically supported in Windows e.g. ‘GMT Standard Time’ or ‘Israel Standard Time’

for example, see here

Extending the time zone list:

ovirt users can extend the default time zone list and add their own timezones

In order to do that:

  • add new file in <ENGINE_DEPLOYMENT>/etc/ovirt-engine/timezones, for example:
  • add your own time zone with correct format (as described above)
  • restart the engine

After following this steps new time zone should appear on the engine and can be used