Hosted-Engine invalid bond modes

Some bond modes (0, 5, 6) cause problems in VM networks. Therefore, when the user has to select network device, during the Hosted-engine deployment, in version 4.2 or later, bonds that are configured in these modes cannot be selected.

See also: BZ 1233127.

Enable invalid bond modes

If one wishes to enforce Hosted-Engine setup to allow unsupported bond modes, it can be done by doing the following:

  1. Create a setup conf directory, if it does not already exist:
# mkdir -p /etc/ovirt-hosted-engine-setup.conf.d
  1. Create a file in it, named e.g. 99-force-invalid-bond-modes.conf, with the following content:
  2. Run hosted-engine --deploy as usual.

Alternatively, you can pass the option directly on the command line:

# hosted-engine --otopi-environment=OVEHOSTED_NETWORK/allowInvalidBondModes=bool:True --deploy