vdsm flowID

The idea is provide a mechanism to identify the transactions between ovirt engine and vdsm.


Any acceptable design must meet the following requirements:

  • vdsm should log the id of ovirt Engine transactions
  • Do not break API


Douglas Landgraf <dougsland AT redhat DOT com>

Development plan

  • Share initial patch into vdsmdevel and ask ideas
  • Implement the final version


Merged Subject: Adding flowID Description: This patch will implement the flowID schema in vdsm side. The idea is provide a mechanism to identify the flow between ovirt engine and vdsm API calls in order to identify the entire scope of the backend action (which possibly consisted of several VSDM calls). At moment, we are going to use HTTP headers to implement this feature to keep the compability with current API, avoiding possible breakes. Git Commit: ba607427f03526d8d7c030888ca3b9d9ad2c0807,sidebyside,1221,7,vdsm/