VDSM-Hooks Catalogue

directlun - Attach a LUN to a VM

faqemu - Fake QEMU emulation (the VM will “think” it has VT extensions enabled)

fileinject - Insert a file into the VM

floppy - Attach a floppy image to the VM

hostusb - Attach a hosts’ USB device to the VM

isolatedprivatevlan - Connect VM to an isolated private VLAN instead of a shared network

numa - Pin a VM to a NUMA node(s)

ovs - Create and use Open vSwitch networks

pincpu - Pin a VM to a set of CPU cores

promisc - Start VM on a promiscous mode enabled network

qemucmdline - Run an arbitrary QEMU command line

qos - Set a specific network QoS for a VM

scratchpad - Start the VM with a disposable disk image, that will be removed when the VM is stopped

smartcard - Enable SPICE smartcard support for a VM

smbios - Alter a VMs smbios domain entry

vhostmd - Enable vhostmd for a VM

vmdisk - Add an additional VM disk image

vmfex-dev - Attach a Cisco VM-FEX device to a VM