VDSM Client

About vdsm-client

vdsm-client is a command line tool provided by VDSM.

vdsm-client can used to execute commands: start virtual machines, manage storage, devices, etc.

It’s recommended to use vdsm-client at development stage, always use oVirt Engine to manage your stable environment.

Connecting to HOST

Connecting to a host is secured by default, pass --insecure to connect in an insecure way (not recommended). Examples:

# vdsm-client [-h] [-a ADDRESS] [-p PORT] [--insecure] [--timeout TIMEOUT]
                   [-f FILE] namespace method [name=value [name=value] ...]

default: If no arguments are passed, vdsm-client will connect to localhost.


Listing virtual machines

# vdsm-client Host getVMList
# vdsm-client Host getVMList fullStatus=True

Getting HOST capabilities

# vdsm-client Host getCapabilities

Getting host statistics

# vdsm-client Host getStats

Getting statistics of running VMs

# vdsm-client Host getAllVmStats

Getting storage VG details

# vdsm-client Host getLVMVolumeGroups

Stopping a VM

  1. Get the vmId:
    # vdsm-client Host getVMList fullStatus=True
  2. Destroy the VM
    # vdsm-client VM destroy vmID=<vmID>

Resuming a VM

  1. Get the vmId:
    # vdsm-client Host getVMList fullStatus=True
  2. Resume the VM
    # vdsm-client VM cont vmID=<vmID>

Setting up vnc to a Virtual Machine in case oVirt Engine is out

  1. Get VM id and displayPort
    # vdsm-client Host getVMList fullStatus=True
  2. Setting vnc password to VM
    # vdsm-client VM setTicket vmID=<vmid> password=<password> ttl=0 existingConnAction=keep params={val:key}
  3. Now try to use vnc client
    # vncviewer <oVirt Node>:<displayPort>

Invoking complex commands

For invoking methods with many or complex parameters, you can read the parameters from a JSON format file:

# vdsm-client -f lease.json Lease info

where lease.json file content is:

    "lease": {
        "sd_id": "75ab40e3-06b1-4a54-a825-2df7a40b93b2",
        "lease_id": "b3f6fa00-b315-4ad4-8108-f73da817b5c5"

It is also possible to read parameters from standard input, creating complex parameters interactively:

# cat <<EOF | vdsm-client -f - Lease info
        "lease": {
        "sd_id": "75ab40e3-06b1-4a54-a825-2df7a40b93b2",
        "lease_id": "b3f6fa00-b315-4ad4-8108-f73da817b5c5"


Please consult vdsm-client help and man page for further details and options.