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oVirt Infra Hackathons

oVirt infra team is in charge of multiple resources for the oVirt project, including hardware, applications and services. Recently the oVirt project has increased dramatically and with it the infra team responsibilities and tasks. In order to catch up and provide better service, we decided to do a hackathon which is a full day where all the infra members along with anyone from the oVirt community that wishes to help are working together to finish tasks in a single day sprint.

The 1st Hackathon is scheduled to be held on 11/05/15, see details below.

1st Infra Hackathon [11/05/15]


you are welcome to choose any task you’d like to take on from [1] and write your name on it. If there are not more tasks, feel free to look in [2] and see if there is anything that you’d like to help with and add it to [1].

[1] [2]


During the hackathon all infra members will be in the special irc channel: ovirt_infra_hack on and will gladly help with questions about tasks. we will activate a bot in the channel to record all questions and post it after on this wiki.