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Infrastructure team task list

One time tasks

  • Resize Linode disk, reboot server
    • (quaid) Completed 7/13/2012
  • break out media wiki from

    (rmiddle) Completed 7/13/2012

  • Upgrade WordPress
  • Check for other upgrades (*EL, EPEL)
  • Proposal for migrating services to OpenShift - (quaid)
  • Publican for (using OpenShift?)
  • Puppet server for all of Infra needs
  • Move Jenkins from EC2 to dedicated host for performance and cost benefits
  • Fill out Design of oVirt project infrastructure
  • Add true night repo’s (rmiddle & eedri)
  • Extend vdsm’s on-commit hook, so it runs functional tests too. This requires installing vdsm.rpm as well as vdsm-tests.rpm, starting vdsmd service, running the tests, and cleaning the host.
  • Add log rotate for Jenkins slave logs.
    • (rmiddle) Completed 7/24/2012
  • Add automatic backups of Jenkins data from Master.
    • (rmiddle) Completed 7/25/2012

Ongoing tasks

  • Running multiple services:
    • WordPress
      • Backing up database.
    • MediaWiki
      • Backing up database.
    • MeetBot
    • Jenkins
      • Daily backups of the config.
    • Gerritt
    • Mailman
      • Making a new mailing list
      • Providing information about a mailing list
    • MySQL
  • Services upgrades
  • DNS requests
  • Adding a new system administrator to a host

Standard procedures

Standard procedures for performing any one-time or ongoing tasks are found in Infrastructure documentation.