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Phoenix Lab Ssh Spice Tunnel

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Heres a hacky way to setup the tunnel for spice to be used when clicking the engine spice button on fedora based machines.


You’ll need the following extra packages:

$ sudo yum install -y tsocks ssh remote-viewer

tsocks currently segfaults any application which requires encryption (ssh, ssl). You can also use proxychains

git clone
cd proxychains-ng
./configure && make && sudo make install && sudo make install-config

Tunnel Configuration

Then you must setup the stunnel configuration like this:

$ cat /etc/tsocks.conf
server =
server_port = 8181

Or, if using proxychains, edit /usr/local/etc/proxychains.conf and make sure the following stanza is set

socks4 8181

Getting the Engine Certificate

Download the engine ssl certificate:

$ openssl s_client -connect \
      2>/dev/null </dev/null \
  | openssl x509 > engine.cert

Replace the remote-viewer

Now replace the remote-viewer binary by the following custom script, substituting “proxychains4” for tsocks if you’re using proxychains:

$ remote_viewer_path="$(which remote-viewer)"
$ mv "${remote_viewer_path}"{,.orig}
$ cat >>"$remote_viewer_path" <<EOS
tsocks \
    "${remote_viewer_path}".orig \
    --spice-ca-file=engine.cert \

Make sure that the certificate points to the certificate you downloaded previously.

Starting the Tunnel

Once done that, you’ll have to start the ssh tunnel (you can do it automatically form bashrc or similar):

$ ssh -fND 8181

That will start the SSH tunnel in the background with a SOCKS proxy listening on, where the tsocks connections will connect to.

Bussines as Usual

So after all this hacky setup, you’ll be able to connect to any vm in the phx engine using the spice link in the UI. Hopefully that will not be needed i the future once we have a better solution (vpn?).

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