This developer documentation is outdated, but provides historical context.

It is not user documentation and should not be treated as such.

Documentation is available here.

oVirt guest agent automatic login windows

Automatic login on Windows

The automatic login on Windows is based on two components:

  1. The ovirt-guest-agent which handles the user’s credentials and workflow.
  2. A component that interacts with the Winlogon system:
    • For Windows XP – the component is implemented as a GINA DLL.
    • For Windows 7 and newer – the component uses the new Credential Providers model.

Both above component are included in the ovirt-guest-agent git repo

The flow:

  1. The Windows component creates a named pipe and waits for an incoming connection.
  2. The RHEV-Agnet receives the user’s credentials from the VDSM through the virtio-serial device.
  3. The agent sends the user’s credentials through the named pipe.
  4. Using the user’s credentials received from the named pipe, a login is performed on the user’s behalf.