This developer documentation is outdated, but provides historical context.

It is not user documentation and should not be treated as such.

Documentation is available here.


An overview how the single sign on process works on Microsoft Windows® systems

  1. VDSM sends a ‘login’ message to the oVirt Guest Agent
  2. In case the “SAS” library is installed, the service will simulate a “Secure attention sequence” by issuing a SendSAS(0) call on the SAS library
  3. The service then will send the credentials to a named Pipe (“\\\\.\\pipe\\VDSMPipe”) via the CallNamedPipe system call
  4. The plugin either GINA on Windows XP® or the Credentials Provider on Windows 7® will issue the login process with the credentials received.
  5. If the login credentials are valid, the user is authenticated and the Desktop session started