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Gluster Support


This feature provides support for reset-brick Gluster based storage clusters in oVirt. Glusterfs repo is available at


Current Status

  • Requires : glusterfs >= 3.9

Detailed Description

This feature will introduce the capability of reset existing brick from the oVirt UI. Administrator will be able to perform Gluster volume reset-brick operation.For example in case Server has gone bad and got reprovisioned, but it may got its brick and want to use same brick.


With this feature, oVirt will start supporting reset-brick functionalty in case Server has gone bad and got reprovisioned, but it may got its brick and want to use same brick.

User Interface

New tabs will be displayed as sub-tabs when user selects a brick from the “Gluster Volume -> Bricks” sub-tab.

  • Actions on “Bricks” tab / sub-tab:
    • Reset Brick
    • Input for reset-brick is host,volume and existing brick.

    Note: Reset brick will only work with the existing brick, it will not recreate or replace any brick.

Once User will click on “Reset Brick”, One Confirmation window will pop up.

A sketch of “Reset Brick” confirmation window:


Operation that result in “Reset Brick” of Gluster Volumes -> Bricks, and any errors that may occur during the same will be audited. The audit log messages will be available in the “Events” tab.


All the Gluster related events that are audited will be available to be subscribed for email notifications. A new category “GlusterVolume” will be added to the notification subscription screen with following events:

  • Gluster Volume Reset Brick started
  • Gluster Volume Reset Brick start failed
  • Gluster Volume Reset Brick reseted
  • Gluster Volume Reset Brick reset failed

Affected oVirt projects:

  • Engine-core
  • Webadmin
  • VDSM

Benefit to oVirt

  • Brick can be reused in case server reprovisioned or goes bad.

Documentation / External references

GlusterFS :