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Gluster Geo Replication


This document describes the design for geo replication feature under gluster. For overview of this feature, refer Features/Gluster_Geo_Replication


Geo-replication feature is designed to enable creation and maintenance of geo-replication sessions across clusters in GlusterFS. A geo-replication session can be setup between a GlusterFS managed source cluster and remote (destination) GlusterFS managed cluster.

Entity Description

Gluster Geo Replication Sessions

This entity stores the details of geo-replication sessions that are set up for gluster volumes

Column name Type description
session_id UUID Primary Key
master_volume_id UUID Id of the master gluster volume
session_key String Session key of the form <masternode uuid>:<ssh url for slave volume> For instance, 11ae7a03-e793-4270-8fc4-b42def8b3051:<ssh://>::slave2
slave_host_uuid UUID UUID of VDS in destination cluster used to create session
slave_host_name String Hostname of host in destination cluster used to create session
slave_volume_id UUID Volume id of destination volume
slave_volume_name String Volume name of destination volume
status String Status of geo-replication session. One of INITIALIZING, NOTSTARTED, ACTIVE, PASSIVE, STOPPED, PARTIAL_FAULTY, UNKNOWN, FAULTY (in GeoRepSessionStatus)

Gluster Geo Replication Session Details

This entity stores the details of the individual geo-replication sessions

Column name Type description
session_id UUID Ref to gluster_georep_session
master_brick_id UUID Ref to gluster_volume_bricks
slave_host_uuid uuid UUID of VDS host in destination cluster that brick is syncing to
slave_host_name String hostname of VDS host in destination cluster that brick is syncing to
status String status of brick connection. one of GeoRepSessionStatus
checkpoint_status String  
crawl_status String  
files_synced bigint  
files_pending bigint  
bytes_pending bigint  
deletes_pending bigint  
files_skipped bigint  

Gluster Geo Replication Session Configuration

This entity stores the configuration details of the individual geo-replication sessions

Column name Type description
config_key String Configuration key
config_value String Configuration value


The details of the REST for gluster geo-replication feature are as below -

Listing APIs

  • api/clusters/{id}/glustervolumes/{id}/georeplication-sessions - lists all the geo-replication sessions for a gluster volume


        <host>Cluster Id</host>
        <slavevolume>Slave volume</slavevolume>
  • api/clusters/{id}/glustervolumes/{id}/georeplication-sessions/{id} - lists the details of the individual geo-replication session


        <host>Cluster Id</host>
        <slavevolume>Slave volume</slavevolume>
                 <brick>brick entity</brick>
  • api/clusters/{id}/glustervolumes/{id}/georeplication-sessions/{id}/options - lists all the configuration options for a geo-replication session


        <id>Configuration Id</id>
        <key>Name of the configuration</key>
        <value>Value of the configuration</value>

Actions Supported

  • POST api/clusters/{id}/glustervolumes/{id}/georeplication-sessions - creates a new geo-replication session for the cluster
    • Parameter GeoRepSession type
  • api/clusters/{id}/glustervolumes/{id}/georeplication-sessions/{id}/start - starts the given geo-replication session
  • api/clusters/{id}/glustervolumes/{id}/georeplication-sessions/{id}/stop - stops the given geo-replication session
  • api/clusters/{id}/glustervolumes/{id}/georeplication-sessions/{id}/pause - pauses the given geo-replication session
  • api/clusters/{id}/glustervolumes/{id}/georeplication-sessions/{id}/resume - resumes the given geo-replication session

Gluster Geo Replication