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Custom Properties Sheet


The Custom Properties for a VM are edited in the GUI via the “Custom Properties” section within the New/Edit VM dialog. Currently this section contains a plain text-box, which should be filled according to a very specific format. In order to improve user experience, we want to beautify the “Custom Properties” section.

This is a pure GUI/UX feature


  • Name: Gilad Chaplik (Gchaplik)

Current Status

  • Status: Merged upstream.
  • Last updated date: May 21, 2012


Here are the mock-ups for the updated “Custom Properties” section as it should appear in the New/Edit VM dialog:

Initial State

Choosing a Key

Adding/Removing a Row

Full Custom Properties Sheet

Open Issues

  • Sorting:
    • Should custom properties be sorted/ordered?
    • If so, how? Automatic sort (i.e. alphabetical sort according to key name upon dialog load) or letting the user move items up/down?