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Entity Configuration Management


This feature allows the administrator to create, modify and delete the configuration parameters at entity level. With this the administrator can create set of configuration parameters specific to an entity as key value pair and at a later stage the same can be modified or deleted as well.

Currently all the entities maintain its own ways for maintenance of configurations. This feature would standardize the way the configurations are maintained for entities. On top of this generic way for maintenance of configurations, the specific entities maintenance options can optionally have mechanism for modification and deletion of the configurations.


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Current Status

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Detailed Description

Currently the individual entity options provide its own ways for maintenance of configuration parameters, and there is no standardization available for the same. The proposed design introduces a standard and common mechanism for maintenance of configuration parameters for different entities in oVirt engine.

With this feature the user will be able to

  • Create a new configuration parameter for an entity in common UI of Entity Configuration Management
  • Update the value of existing configuration parameter in common UI of Entity Configuration Management
  • Delete an existing configuration parameter in common UI of Entity Configuration Management
  • Update/Delete the the configuration parameters in entity specific UI screens


The Entity Configuration Management feature is designed to enable common standard mechanism for maintenance of entity specific configuration parameters. The configuration parameters can later be updated / deleted even from entity specific screens if needed (parameters specific to the entity only can be managed).

Entity Description

The entity description for the generic configuration management system is as below -

Column name Type Description
Configuration Id UUID Unique identifier for the configuration parameter
Entity Id UUID Id of the entity for which the configuration is maintained
Configuration Category String There could be broad categorization of the configuration parameters
Configuration Name String Name of the configuration parameter
Configuration Value String Value of the configuration parameter

Valid entity types would be evaluated against the Entity Types defined in oVirt engine. The administrator can decide on the categories of the configurations based on entity types.

User Experience

Add / Create a new configuration parameter

Modify a configuration parameter

Delete a configuration parameter

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