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Engine Cleanup (Work in progress)


This utility is intended to bring the host to a state it can be reused by oVirt engine


  • Name: TBD
  • Email: TBD


(To be replaced to a link when a design page is created)

  * Drop DB - works both on local and remote
  * Remove keystore (not perfect)
  * cleanup symlinks
  * stop services (jbossas, notifer)
  * non-interactive switch -u/--unattended, default is drop DB.
  * switch: -d/--dont-drop-db


Missing to comply with the purpose definition:

  * Default mode is interactive - asking if to drop DB or not.
    Message: Drop data base? if you want to reuse the existing database for the future installation choose no.
  * Message at the end: Finished cleanup it is now safe to rerun engine-setup.
  * If it did not dropped DB add: Note that after re-install you'll have to run Hosts re-install/re-approve
  * Add -h/--help
  * Add message (Hide all options except -d/-u/-h in the usage message/help)

Detailed Description

The cleanup should provide:

  1. Reset a failed installation to a state in which you can safely rerun: engine-setup

  2. Clean up before a new installation before or after the user has run:

    # yum remove

and the later tries it a second time without a formal clean-up being performed

  • Meaning the sequence I (first example) :

    # engine-cleanup
    # yum remove ovirt-engine
    # yum install ovirt-engine
    # engine-setup 
  • Or the sequence II (second example):

    # yum remove ovirt-engine,
    # yum install ovirt-engine
    # engine-cleanup
    # engine-setup
  • If sequence II is not possible, don’t start cleanup at all, but exit with proper message.

  1. Reset an existing installation without dropping DB.
  • Use cases: fix failed upgrade or a corrupted installation

  • Next required ‘Manual’ steps:

    # yum remove engine
    # yum install engine
    # engine-setup   # This script should know how to reuse an existing DB, and to perform an upgrade if necessary

Note 1: The above includes Reports and DHW

Note 2. This utility is not intended to leave the machine clean for other application to reuse - only to be reused by a oVirt Manager

Note 3: Preserve DB is not intended to relocate db from local to remote and vice versa - Need to provide a procedure to do that.

Note 4: It will not remove any local NFS export, including the one it created during last installation. If we wish for engine-setup to reuse, this is enhancement to for engine-setup.

Benefit to oVirt

This feature saved the need to re-install the host OS if a re-install of the engine is required. Currently in some cases even an initial installation failure may require clean install

Documentation / External references

The clean-up script should be idempotent. If not, it needs a bug filed noting the deficiency. That is, one should be able to repeatedly run:

  # engine-cleanup
  # engine-cleanup
  # engine-cleanup # ... 

with no additional changes occurring on the second and following runs, beyond what occurred on the first, and supplementation of the log files