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Fedora 21 Support


Add support for Fedora 21


Detailed Description

  • Support building on Fedora 21
  • Create Jenkins jobs for automated build and testing on Fedora 21
  • Create Fedora 21 Jenkins slaves
  • Verify that all the components have no regressions only due to Fedora 21

Benefit to oVirt

  • oVirt will be able to run on Fedora 21
  • All subprojects must support Fedora 21
  • A tracker bug has been created for tracking issues:

Documentation / External references



The whole test case collection must work on Fedora 21.

Contingency Plan

The feature is self contained: if support for Fedora 21 won’t be ready for 3.6.0 we won’t deliver Fedora 21 RPMs.

Release Notes

== Fedora 21 Support ==
Support for running oVirt on Fedora 21 (or similar) has been added providing custom packaging of JBoss Application Server 7.