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oVirt Live Rebase on CentOS 7


oVirt Live ISO will be rebased on CentOS 7


Detailed Description

  • Rebase kickstart on CentOS 7 Live CD
  • Update Jenkins jobs for automated build
  • Verify that the ISO works as it worked with CentOS 6

Benefit to oVirt

  • Will allow to use oVirt Live with 3.6 cluster level support
  • Depends on all components to support CentOS 7

Documentation / External references


Contingency Plan

  • No contingency plan, either we have it working or we won't have oVirt Live.

Release Notes

  == oVirt Live ==
  oVirt Live has been rebased on CentOS 7 allowing to run oVirt in 3.6 compatibility mode
oVirt Live Rebase on CentOS 7 oVirt Live Rebase on CentOS 7 [ oVirt Live Rebase on CentOS 7](Category:oVirt 3.6 Feature) oVirt Live Rebase on CentOS 7