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Most of them are outdated, but provide historical design context.

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oVirt Appliance


oVirt appliance will be a raw disk or an ova file that you can import to your existing virtual machine manager and boot it with a complete pre installed oVirt setup.

The first step will be to create an image with the correct functionality, in a second step the correct delivery format will be choosen. The latter might be currently blocked by the missing functionality in the build tools.


Current status

Builds are stable and based on latest packages.



  • The appliance will be created using the livemedia-creator - later probably using image-factory.
    • Reasoning behind this is, that these tools are maintained and support different platforms.
  • The platform will be either Fedora or CentOS.
    • Fedora for now.
  • Configuration
    • Engine installed and partially preconfigured

Current limitations:

  • It’s not built using livemedia-creator, sysprep’ed and sparsify’ed because libvirt is not working nicely on jenkins

Use / Test


  • FQDN which can be resolved on your local network

To use the appliance proceed as follows:

  1. Download the ova image above
  2. Either use the ova in combination with hosted-engine or extract the ova image
  3. When the image is booted
    1. When the assistant comes up, set a root password
    2. Login as root
    3. Start the Engine configuration using: engine-setup --offline --config-append=ovirt-engine-answers
    4. Answer the remaining questions, take care to use a FQDN which is resolvable on your network