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Bridgeless Node Networking


This feature will allow Node to not require a bridge in it’s network configuration. This change is very wide ranged and needs intensive testing.


  • Name: Fabian Deutsch (fabiand)
  • Email: fabiand AT redhat DOT com
  • IRC: fabiand

Current status

  • Status: In Progress
  • Last updated: ,

Detailed Description

Up to now the topology looked like:

Node - Bridge - (Tagged) Nic

In future it can also be:

Node - (Tagged) Nic

Benefit to oVirt

Some consumers of oVirt Node don’t require the bridge or even conflict with an existing bridge on the system By removing this (up to now) mandatory bridge, we open up Node to more consumers.

  • Affected Packages
    • ovirt-node
    • vdsm (possibly)

Documentation / External references

  • Coming Soon