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Bridgeless Networks


  • Name: Roy Golan

  • Email:


An admin can now set a logical network as “VM network” so when attaching a Network to an Host’s NIC, a “VM network” is implemented over a bridge, otherwise bridgeless If a host network is bridgeless but should be a VM network the host will be set to non-operational state.

Also, A cluster network can be set as “optional”, meaning that host is operational as long as it have all the non-optional networks attached.

create logical network

  • create network under the DC - check the “VM network” box.
  • GUI may have the VM network box checked by default
  • to edit this property a network should be detached from all clusters

Modified flows

Create management network

  • management network is always created as optional=false

Add a Nic to VM

  • validate the Nic’s network is vmNetwork - fail with canDoAction ACTION_TYPE_FAILED_NOT_A_VM_NETWORK

Import VM

  • validate all Nic’s networks are vmNetwork - fire audit log IMPORT_VM_INTERFACES_ON_NON_VM_NETWORKS
  • don’t fail the import

Run VM

  • validate all Nic’s networks is vmNetwork - fail with canDoAction ACTION_TYPE_FAILED_NOT_A_VM_NETWORK


  • implicitly set VdsNetworkInterface as bridged when vmNetwork = true


  • refresh caps (when host is activated)-
    • detect if there are VM networks that are implemented as bridgeless - if yes set host non-operational with reason VM_NETWORK_IS_BRIDGELESS
    • if a host misses cluster networks which are not optional - set as non -operational
  • afterRefreshTreatment (runtime info) - same as above


  • Add a logical network to the Data Center and make it a VM network

    POST /api/networks

<network id='...'>
    <data_center id='...'/>
  • representation of non-bridged interface in Host NICs

    GET /api/hosts/{}/nics/{}




    VdsNetworkInterface boolean bridged

  • vds_interface table

    vds_interface bridged BOOLEAN NOT NULL DEFAULT true


    boolean vmNetwork

  • network table

    vm_network BOOLEAN NOT NULL DEFAULT true


    boolean optional

  • network_cluster table

    optional BOOLEAN





  • VdcBLLMessages






    IMPORTEXPORT_IMPORT_VM_INTERFACES_ON_NON_VM_NETWORKS=Trying to import VM ${VmName} with the interface/s ${Interfaces} attached to non VM network/s ${Networks}. VDS_SET_NON_OPERATIONAL_VM_NETWORK_IS_BRIDGELESS=Host ${VdsName} does not comply with the cluster ${VdsGroupName} networks, the following VM networks are bridgeless: ‘${Networks}’


    ACTION_TYPE_FAILED_NOT_A_VM_NETWORK=Failed ${action} ${type} the network/s ${Networks} is/are not a VM network.