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Detailed Management Network As A Role


This page describes the implementation details of the “Management network as a role” feature.

Entity Description

  • No new entities
  • Management boolean field will be added to NetworkCluster entity. True value will indicate that the network is the management one in the given cluster (similarly like it been done for display networks).


  • During the upgrade the new field (is_management) will be added to NETWORK_CLUSTER table and will be populated by true value for ovirtmgmt networks and false for all other networks.
  • The following DB objects will be updated with the new field:
    • Stored procedures:
      • GetAllNetworkByClusterId
      • Insertnetwork_cluster
      • Updatenetwork_cluster
  • New stored procedure set_network_exclusively_as_management will be created
  • ManagementNetwork entry will be renamed in VDC_OPTIONS table to DefaultManagementNetwork.
    • RenameManagementNetwork stored procedure will be updated accordingly.

Planned code changes


The UI layer will be updated according to the feature page.

All places that refer to ConfigurationValues.ManagementNetwork value will be updated with the new logic:

  • org.ovirt.engine.ui.uicommonweb.dataprovider.AsyncDataProvider
    • getManagementNetworkName - is not in use currently. Pending removal.
    • isNetworkManagementInAnyCluster(Network) - will be added.
    • isManagementNetwork(Network, cluster) - will be added.
  • org.ovirt.engine.ui.uicommonweb.models.datacenters.DataCenterNetworkListModel
  • org.ovirt.engine.ui.uicommonweb.models.datacenters.NetworkModel
  • org.ovirt.engine.ui.uicommonweb.models.hosts.HostInterfaceListModel.ENGINE_NETWORK_NAME - is not used in the class but is used by other classes:
    • org.ovirt.engine.ui.uicommonweb.Linq.NetworkComparator - that is used by:
      • org.ovirt.engine.ui.uicommonweb.models.SystemTreeModel
      • org.ovirt.engine.ui.uicommonweb.models.clusters.ClusterNetworkListModel
      • org.ovirt.engine.ui.uicommonweb.models.datacenters.DataCenterNetworkListModel
    • org.ovirt.engine.ui.uicommonweb.models.clusters.ClusterNetworkModel
    • org.ovirt.engine.ui.uicommonweb.models.hosts.HostSetupNetworksModel
  • org.ovirt.engine.ui.uicommonweb.models.networks.NetworkGeneralModel
  • org.ovirt.engine.ui.uicommonweb.models.networks.NetworkListModel
  • org.ovirt.engine.ui.uicommonweb.models.vms.NewProfileBehavior
  • org.ovirt.engine.ui.uicommonweb.models.vms.VmInterfaceModel.VmInterfaceModel.ENGINE_NETWORK_NAME - protected static class member is not in use, but is initialialized in the class constructor!!!



ManagementNetworkFinder class will be introduced. The class will implement heuristic logic of finding the management network either it was supplied by the user or not.


In addition to what it already does the class will determine what management network should be (using ManagementNetworkFinder) and will:

  • attach it to the new cluster
  • make it management and required


In the case when the management network is to be updated:


The following checks will be added:

  • the new management network is required
  • no hosts are attached to the cluster

Same as AddVdsGroupCommand


isManagementNetwork methods will be moved to a new ManagementNetworkUtils class that will reside in bll project. The new class will implement the following methods:

  • boolean isManagementNetwork(Guid networkId)
  • boolean isManagementNetwork(String networkName, Guid clusterId)
  • Network getManagementNetwork(Guid clusterId)


Optionally: a new getManagementNetwork method will be added to NetworkClusterDao

Command classes

The following classes will be affected by the feature:

  • org.ovirt.engine.core.bll.InstallVdsInternalCommand
  • org.ovirt.engine.core.bll.UpdateVdsGroupCommand
  • org.ovirt.engine.core.bll.VdsDeploy
  • org.ovirt.engine.core.bll.validator.NetworkValidator
  • org.ovirt.engine.core.vdsbroker.vdsbroker.CollectVdsNetworkDataVDSCommand
  • org.ovirt.engine.core.vdsbroker.vdsbroker.SetupNetworksVDSCommand


ConfigValues.ManagementNetwork and ConfigurationValues.ManagementNetwork will be renamed to DefaultManagementNetwork.


According to the new validations.

Open Issues

  1. ManagementNetworkUtils project - the right place for that kind of logic is bll. However, the logic is needed by vdsbroker, but bll is dependent on the earlier apparently. 😠
  2. UpdateVdsGroupCommand - when moving the cluster back into a DC, need to add its management network.
    • Which network should be assigned as the management one?
    • What should be done with the host of the cluster?