Feature pages are design documents that developers have created while collaborating on oVirt.

Most of them are outdated, but provide historical design context.

They are not user documentation and should not be treated as such.

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Add a new approach for oVirt Node.


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Detailed Description

oVirt Node is currently based on a heavily customized and minimized Fedora (or CentOS), this has the gain of a very minimalistic image, but has many drawbacks. The image is hard to build, to maintain and to develop features on it. Further more, payloads (like vdsm) need to be adjusted to it, to work nicely with the read-only too filesystem.

This feature is about changing the core of Node, and how it is build. Other related features like using cockpit and generic registration are covered in other features.

Benefit to oVirt

  • Easier to build Node
  • Less delayed builds
  • Better adaptability to new features
  • The core changes should be transparent to subprojects



Contingency Plan

We’ll need to ship the old Node.

Release Notes

  == ==
  oVirt Node is now build differently to provide an easier to use and future proof Node.