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Node Automation


This feature adds a continous testing of oVirt Node.


  • Name: Fabian Deutsch (Fabiand)
  • Email: fabiand@redhat.com
  • IRC: fabiand at #ovirt (irc.oftc.net)

Current status

  • Completed: Evaluation of current solutions
  • Completed: Initial daemon for test orchestration
  • Completed: Initial setup of a couple of testjobs (internally, with public results)
  • Completed: Documentation of components and writing tests
  • In progress: Keep tests in sync
  • Pending: Enhance documentation
  • Pending: Public testing infrastructure
  • Last updated: Oct. 17. 2012

Detailed Description

A framework is beeing developed which allows to run arbitary tests on an up-and-running oVirt Node. A main focus was to make the framework and handling host agnostic (so running in a VM as well as on real hardware without any modifications).

Benefit to oVirt

Detecting regressions early and offering a more stable oVirt Node image.


Documentation / External references