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In 4.0 onward adding more hosts to the hosted engine cluster is supported only via the engine. This has various advantages:

  1. It’s one place, that takes advantage of SDK, REST, UI. validations etc.
  2. The hosts are now part of the cluster and datacenter with regards to host_id - there will be no collision/distinction between hosted engine or other host that try to monitor domains.

High level

To deploy hosted engine we extended the host-deploy subsystem API to support an action - deploy/remove and default none.

The engine, when it invokes host-deploy that installs vdsm RPMs, will now also install the hosted engine RPMs. In addition, it will take the hosted-engine.conf as an argument and will place it under /etc. This is enough to get a host into the HA cluster.

To un-deploy or remove the hosted engine role of a host the engine passes action=remove and then host-deploy empties the configuration files so the HA agent is practically non-functional.

Detailed flow

Supply detailed into on how to get the info from the disk, and what is the host-deploy enums we use

UI side dialog tab

The UI of ‘Add’ and ‘Reinstall’ host has a new side panel named ‘Hosted-Engine’. It supplies 3 options for the deployment of a host:

  • ‘None’ meaning don’t touch the hosted-engine components
  • ‘Deploy’ meaning install the ovirt-hosted-engine-ha rpms, place a custom hosted-engine.conf under /etc and start the service
  • ‘Undeploy’ Remove the hosted-engine.conf and rpms. That action decomissions a host from the HA cluster of hosted engine.

REST request parameters

The API exposes those URLs to implement the 3 proposed actions as the UI:

  • Add Host
  • None - done pass any argument
  • Deploy
    • POST …/hosts?deploy_hosted_engine
    • POST …/hosts?deploy_hosted_engine=true
  • Undeploy
    • POST …/hosts?undeploy_hosted_engine
    • POST …/hosts?undeploy_hosted_engine=true
  • Install Host
  • None - done pass any argument
  • Deploy
    • POST …/hosts/xxx/install?deploy_hosted_engine
    • POST …/hosts/xxx/install?deploy_hosted_engine=true
  • Undeploy
    • POST …/hosts/xxx/install?undeploy_hosted_engine
    • POST …/hosts/xxx/install?undeploy_hosted_engine=true