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List VMs pinned to a host

It can be useful to list all VMs that are pinned to a chosen host.


  • Owner: Andrej Krejcir
  • Email:

Changes in this feature

  • Add new query to the engine, to retrieve all VMs pinned to a Host.
  • Add a DB call to get all VMs pinned to a host.
  • Show the pinned VMs in the webadmin in Host details page.

New query

A new query GetVmsPinnedToHostQuery is added to get all VMs pinned to a host. It uses a simple SQL function.


The table in the Virtual Machines detail tab of the Host entity shows running VMs and pinned VMs. A radio button on top of it can be used to show only one of the groups.


In REST API, the pinning information is part of the VM object. One API call can be made to get all VMs in a cluster and then those not pinned to a specific host can be filtered out.