Feature pages are design documents that developers have created while collaborating on oVirt.

Most of them are outdated, but provide historical design context.

They are not user documentation and should not be treated as such.

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Performance And Scalability


The goal of this page is to detail the performance optimizing and scalability improvement work done by the oVirt team, and to direct development resources to the most urgent tasks.


  • 1 server, 5 VMs. Idle.
  • 1 server, 5 VMs. 5 users logged in admin console.
  • 50 servers, 200 VMs (using FakeVDSM). Idle.
  • 50 servers, 200 VMs (using FakeVDSM). LDAP connectivity. 50 users logged in user console.


Database Access

  • Caching

Implement ResultSet caching based on SimpleJdbcTemplate. See Change for information on implementation.

  • Batch updates

Enable the option of sending multiple insert/update stored procedure calls as a single batch. See Change for information on implementation.

  • Multi dimensional arrays

Using multiple dimensional arrays as stored procedure parameters to replace the use of fnspliter

  • Transaction boundaries

Improve transaction boundaries, so transactions will decrease in duration and make better use of JavaEE transactions.


  • Improve serialization performance


Engine/VDSM Communication

  • Use HTTP 1.1 compression and keep-alive with VDSM XML-RPC

General Code Improvement

  • Cache GUID creation