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Self Hosted Engine FC Support


This feature enable the user to use FC storage for Hosted Engine data domain.


Detailed Description

The FC storage HBA should be already configured and connected on the system. Multipath is supported.

UX changes

As usual launch hosted-engine –deploy:

Than you can find and additional valid answer to

           Please specify the storage you would like to use (iscsi, fc, nfs3, nfs4)[nfs3]: 

question. Choose fc

It will scan the storage subsystem to find FC HBA letting you select a FC LUN to deploy the engine VM.

[ INFO ] Connecting to the storage server

           The following luns have been found on the requested target:
             [1] 330000000e5380848   56GiB   XtremIO XtremApp
                 status: used, paths: 4 active
             [2] 33000000022a29f57   100GiB  XtremIO XtremApp
                 status: free, paths: 4 active
             [3] 330000000c399efa0   100GiB  XtremIO XtremApp
                 status: free, paths: 4 active
             [4] 330000000d0c91c54   100GiB  XtremIO XtremApp
                 status: free, paths: 4 active
             [5] 33000000031f26ca3   40GiB   XtremIO XtremApp
                 status: used, paths: 4 active
           Please select the destination LUN (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) [1]: 

You can select one and proceed with engine VM setup. That LUN will be used only for the engine VM and would not be available for other usages.

VDSM commands involved

getDeviceList 3

Benefit to oVirt

Users will be able to use FC storage as data domain for Hosted Engine.

  • A tracker bug has been created for tracking issues:

Documentation / External references

The engine VM image will be preallocated so the LUN should be sized to contain it, at least 5 additional GiB are needed for ancillary structures. The LUN will be used only by the engine VM, no other usage are possible.


On a FC capable HW try to deploy the engine VM over FC.

Contingency Plan

Currently all the changes required for this feature are in a single patch. If it won’t be ready it won’t be merged.

Release Notes

  ==Self Hosted Engine FC Support== `Hosted Engine has now added support for `[`FC` `storage`](Features/Self_Hosted_Engine_FC_Support)

Self Hosted Engine FC Support Self Hosted Engine FC Support Self Hosted Engine FC Support Self Hosted Engine FC Support