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vm coredump

Coredump support in VDSM


This feature adds 1 support to VDSM. The feature will dump the core of a domain on a given file for analysis. It will be especially useful when used with high availability.


Current status

Detailed Description

Benefit to oVirt

Users will be able to dump the core of a VM on a given file when their VMs crash. This will be especially important for highly available servers.

This feature depends on the libvirt (already support)

Documentation / External references

For libvirt support, please see libvirt's documentation on virDomainCoreDump API.

User Interface

def coreDump(self, to, params):

     dump a VM to a designated file.
     :param to: a string designates the dump file 
     :param params: a dictionary containing:
         *post-action* - The action taken after core dump, which is
                         'crash', 'live', or 'reset'.
                         crash: crash the VM after core dump.
                         live: perform a live core dump.
                         reset: reset the VM after core dump.
         *bypass-cache* - avoid file system cache when saving.
         *memory-only* - dump VM's memory only.