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Floating Disk


Floating disk - a disk that is not attached to any VM. This feature covers the management and usage of disks in floating state.


  • Feature owner: Daniel Erez (derez)

    • GUI Component owner: Daniel Erez (derez)

    • REST Component owner: Michael Pasternak (mpasternak)

    • Engine Component owner: Michael Kublin (mkublin)

    • QA Owner: Yaniv Kaul (ykaul)

  • Email: derez@redhat.com

Current status

Detailed Description

The feature provides administration and management functionalities for floating disks. A floating disk should behave as a flexible independent entity that can be attached to any VM. Any virtual disk can be in a floating state - by unattaching the disk from the VM/s.

Benefit to oVirt

The feature introduces a significant improvement to oVirt compatibility and flexabilty regarding disks usage. Supporting a floating state for disks is essential to derived features (e.g. 'Shared RAW Disk' and 'Direct LUN Disk') and dependent implementations (e.g. application clustering, shared data warehouse).

Affected oVirt projects:

  • API
  • CLI
  • Engine-core
  • Webadmin
  • User Portal

Documentation / External references