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Glance Integration


This feature will allow oVirt users to consume (use), export and share images with Glance.


Current Status


  • Contribute to the OpenStack Java SDK project to obtain a component mature enough for the oVirt Engine (in progress)
  • Initial support for Keystone in order to access the authenticated Glance servers (in progress)
  • Adapt the current NFS ISO domains to become Image repository, hence being able to manage and display Glance domains (in progress)
  • New Glance Storage Domain (in progress)
  • Import and Export Image Commands


  • Implement the imageImport and imageExport commands, either explicitly supporting glance or with a more generic http repository support (with additional special headers in the glance case)

Detailed Description

The Glance project provides services for discovering, registering, and retrieving virtual machine images. These images are to be intended as oVirt templates.

Phase 1

  • Add the new Storage Domain for Glance (identified by the StorageType#GLANCE and the StorageDomainType#Image)
  • Add, edit and remove the Glance Storage Domains
  • List the available images in the Glance Storage Domains (leveraging the current infrastructure that oVirt uses for NFS ISO domains, which have many aspects in common)
  • Import images from Glance as oVirt Templates or floating Disks
  • Export single (floating) disks (without snapshots) to Glance


    importImage(spUUID, sdUUID, imgUUID, volUUID, importInfo)
    exportImage(spUUID, sdUUID, imgUUID, volUUID, exportInfo)

    importInfo = {
       'method': 'http',
       'url': 'http://glance/v1/images/image-uuid',
       'headers': {
         'X-Auth-Token': 'token-uuid',

Future Phases

Import and Export entire VMs with multiple disks and snapshots using the OVA container format.

User Experience

New Glace Domain Dialog

Glance Domain Listing

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